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  1. I was accepted to the program at MIT (:O) this past Friday through a phone call. I was not offered an interview and I'm interested in chemical biology.
  2. No point contacting the person back. I was contacted by a member of the admission's committee, but the only info he gave me is re-listed on this email.
  3. I don't think you can know until March (and their last visit weekend as I don't know anyone who was accepted after that point). I had friends who heard back in late February and early March, and others who heard back in January.
  4. Undergrad Institution: Top 20 small liberal arts college Major(s): chemistry Minor(s): -GPA in Major: 3.98Overall GPA: 3.91Position in Class: -Type of Student: domestic, female, Asian American GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 157V: 163W: 5S: didn't take it Research Experience: spent 1st year in college doing course-based research in environmental toxicology, one summer and semester in a biomedical engineering lab and 2 years in an organic lab on a project that is my senior thesis. Attended a summer REU program at UNC Chapel Hill. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list all 3 years of college, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, NSF REU Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutored since my sophomore year, intro bio, intro chem, orgo I and orgo II. This was a 10 hr weekly commitment. Tutor for underrepresented science scholars - 2 years Mentor to 5 first year science students- 2 years. I met with each student for an hour every week. Orientation leader and mentor to 10 first year students Mentored 2 first years in my organic lab and taught them everything they know about organic research (until they take orgo next semester, so exciting!) Special Bonus Points: I am dedicated to increasing representation of minorities in STEM. I am also certain my letters of rec from research advisors were really strong. Yay for small colleges! Schools I applied to: showed interest in chemical biology UC Berkeley (accepted) U Wisconsin (accepted) UNC Chapel Hill MIT Final thoughts: I didn't have any publications or many awards. My GRE score isn't amazing and I didn't even take the chemistry GRE. My dedication to tutoring and mentoring coupled with strong letters, GPA, and research experiences are what I believe made me a strong applicant. Oh, and being domestic doesn't hurt.
  5. I just got in without taking the Chem GRE, so I truly wonder how much the exam matters. I am a strong applicant in other aspects, but my GRE scores weren't to die for.
  6. You sound like a competitive applicant, and I see nothing wrong with aiming high. Sometimes, though, your admission might be affected by your citizenship. International students have a more difficult time getting funded.
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