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  1. I see GWU rejections on the result page too. Wonder if no news from GWU at this moment means something good. Just rejected by Harvard. It is expected as I was super nervous in the interview. BTW, congratulations on your two offers!
  2. That sounds weird...I would suggest contacting your POI directly as I feel Rutgers is more depending on professors.GOOD LUCK!
  3. Some information might be helpful for you. I submitted my application to Rutgers before Dec.1 and received the email from the admission committee in early January saying that I have been recommended by the adcomm to the POI, but it turns out that the POI doesn't have enough funding for supporting PhD students this year.
  4. I got the second one from Harvard (neither of them are my POIs....) and the GWU invitation as well! But I didn't apply to UNC hhh. Good luck!
  5. I think so! He is probably form the AdComm as we share no common research interests.
  6. Yes I met one of my POIs in person before I submitted my application. I feel weird because my interviewer shares no common research interests with me. I just asked the coordinator, and got a reply that some interviewers are with potential mentors but some interviewers are evaluating candidates on general admission criteria. Anyway, thank you for your information! Good luck to both of us!!!
  7. Hi, I received this invitation as well. But my interviewer is none of my POIs, and I know nothing about him. Are you in the same situation?
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