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  1. I think a graduate certificate in bioethics would be a great addition to your app and make you stand out as an applicant! Something you'll want to bear in mind, though, is the cost vs reward aspect of it; graduate certificates can be very expensive and while they will be a useful supplement, a GC-specific activity will go miles for your application. If possible, I would really try to find some kind of GC internship / job / volunteer opportunity to work on at the same time.
  2. For anyone that is interested in applying for the class of 2021, I was accepted into a GC program this year after working in customer service at Counsyl (genetic testing startup). Working here has been an amazing opportunity to learn what it's like talking to patients, working with GCs, and better understanding how industry genetic counseling works. We're actively hiring for my position and 10 other new associates, so if you're interested and located in the SF Bay Area, feel free to shoot me a message!
  3. Yep, I agree completely. I had fantastic grades my first three years and bombed my last year (I think I had like a 2.6-7 for my last 45ish units) and even though my GPA was a 3.6 overall, it definitely ended up counting against me. Despite having a lot of experience, I still ended up getting rejected to most of the schools I applied to (both my first and second years applying). My schools also cited this as a concern of theirs. That being said, I think you will be just fine if you retake a few courses to prove that you can handle the material.
  4. Hi! I emailed them about this and got this reply: "If you took a natural science course that counted towards your undergraduate degree--whether from a community college that transferred in or that you took at your final undergraduate institution--you should include it. Also, if you took an undergraduate course after graduating that we should consider when reviewing your application (e.g., a course to satisfy the biochemistry recommendation), you should also include it. If you took a course to earn a better grade, use the better grade and exclude the worse grade." @genmed You can get rid of the lower grade -- they specifically stated that we can exclude it. Hope this helps!!
  5. @bryvy You can go here to view interview requests and stats https://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=genetic+counseling+
  6. Hi @ICGCDW! I hear you for sure! A former employee at our office is now at the Boston program, so I'll reach out to her if no one here responds and let ya know!
  7. Hi folks! Random question, but does anyone happen to know when Boston interviews usually take place? I just got my first interview (Brandeis, yay!) and am trying to pick an interview date that would most easily coincide with Boston's schedule as well so I don't have to fly out twice.
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