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  1. Fall 2018 German

    @jigglypuff Everyone in the German department is really lovely. I also didn't think I had any chance but apparently you never know! All your other programs sound excellent as well.
  2. Fall 2018 German

    @jigglypuff I'm currently doing the MPhil in European Literature at Cambridge. It's a great program, good luck with all your applications!
  3. I'm currently doing my master's in the UK and I've been accepted to PhD programs in the US. It probably helps that I go to a British university which is well-recognised internationally, so maybe bear that in mind. Otherwise it should be fine!
  4. Fall 2018 German

    I've applied to Yale but haven't heard anything yet
  5. Fall 2018 German

    Hello! I hope the interviews went well, where else have you applied?
  6. Not sure if this helps much, but people will be hearing about interviews around now, or being rejected without interview. No one gets accepted without an interview (I'm a current Cambridge student, but don't necessarily take my word for it, they may make exceptions for all I know haha). Good luck!
  7. Fall 2018 German

    Ah well done! Who is it for?
  8. Fall 2018 German

    That's the risk of applying to top programs I guess.. Best of luck to you though! (At least German isn't insanely oversubscribed haha) I actually don't think I have a preferred program, I got very positive responses from faculty members when I approached them before applying so I'd be happy with any I think. I'm international so I don't have any actual experience of these universities/cities either. How about you? Good luck with them! Hopefully the wait isn't dragged out...
  9. Fall 2018 German

    The best place to start is probably Henri Lefebvre on the production of space, and then there are lots of different directions from there. David Harvey for capitalism and space, Elizabeth Wilson for feminist space etc... I applied to Penn also, Northwestern, Cornell and Yale. Fully expected to be entirely rejected so very glad to have an early acceptance!
  10. Fall 2018 German

    Thank you! Your ideas sound great, where have you applied?
  11. Fall 2018 German

    Ah I'm sure you'll be getting a response very soon then! Good luck!
  12. Fall 2018 German

    Hello! Nice to see someone else around!
  13. Fall 2018 German

    Yeah I think it's still quite early for most places, but I did get an acceptance from Northwestern yesterday! I'm interested in spatial theories, the demonic, travel and movement in literature, amongst other things. How about you?
  14. Fall 2018 German

    Hello! Yes I've applied for German PhDs, nice to see someone else!