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  1. Hey. I applied to/was accepted to both. I went to the info sessions for Windsor, and accepted at Laurier and started in May. Pros to Windsor are that it's in-person and also considered a full-time program (if that affects your osap funding considerations at all). Pros to Laurier is that it's online and you can do it on your own schedule vs. taking up your weekends. Windsor's program also costs approx $10k more than Laurier for the entire program. I have limited experience past the info sessions for Windsor and am still in my first semester at Laurier. I chose Laurier mainly so that I wasn't committed for all my weekends and because the program costs less overall.
  2. I would write your contact person at Laurier and do it today vs. leaving it until the deadline. Ask her how would you go about changing one of your references/getting an extension on the deadline. Knowing the concrete steps to take should help reduce your stress, and I am sure that you are not alone in having issues with references getting back to the school on time. Best of luck.
  3. I'm in program too. It's straight through - you take classes all three semesters of the year (spring/winter/fall) until you graduate. However, you do have breaks - there is a reading week in both fall (the week after thanksgiving), winter (the week following family day), and a break over Christmas. The classes don't fill the entire 4 months of the summer, and there's a few weeks off then too.
  4. I've been accepted to this program for May start too. I'm an older student, but my undergrad average is a B. I had about 8700 hours experience. When I was called with the offer, she told me that the average person in the class has an A average and 7.5 years of experience. I believe the May class size is 50 people.
  5. I had mine in by January, and also haven't heard anything.
  6. I applied to Peel, and went to the info seminar there. No idea how many apply, but they also said at the seminar that they accept 50.
  7. I applied to that program. I have not heard back yet from Windsor , but got a phone call Friday that I was accepted to Laurier’s online MSW. I went to Windsor's info session, and their set up/program seems really interesting.
  8. I'm with you both in waiting for a response. I also applied to Windsor's MSW for working professionals program, which I'm supposed to hear back from anytime between now & mid-April.
  9. I'm assuming they have to consider maximum class sizes, as they likely only have a certain number of qualified teachers and want to maintain a certain teacher/student ratio. Then there's also the consideration of finding everyone a placement ... I would have a worse opinion of being accepted, but told there's no placement spots for me so I would really meet the degree requirements in the expected timeframe. (The disclaimer is that I'm still waiting to hear from both programs I've applied to.)
  10. Maybe the admissions committee has some sort of bet going on about how often us applicants will email/call/check LORIS/etc. (just amuse me ... the waiting game is harsh.)
  11. Congratulations!!! Did you apply for online or in class?
  12. Mine's the same. Nothing has changed since it shows all my documents/references are submitted. I seen a previous year's post say that when a decision is made, that page will change to an acceptance/rejection letter.
  13. I started my application early January, and was told that they were doing rolling admissions and that I'd hear back in two weeks. When I submitted everything/references in (mid-Jan), I was told I would hear back in 4 weeks. Then I was told I'd hear by the end of February. Then I was told they were no longer doing rolling admissions and I'd hear by the end of March.
  14. Minor detail. Hopefully we hear by the end of this month ...
  15. Let's have some chocolate while we wait. Settle our nerves.
  16. I applied to the online program and still haven't heard anything at all. No email, no LORIS update ... I'm guessing since no one else has that no news is good news? (but frustrating)
  17. I will give you the advice my husband gave me ... I wasn't going to apply. I didn't think I would be accepted, so when I brought the subject up to him I said maybe I should go back for my BSW online. Work in the area again for a while to get up-to-date experience, maybe better references. (I've been in a different area so I could work from home/be with the kids.) Try to apply in a few years when I'd have more confidence in doing so. He told me if I apply now, I'm giving myself all the reasons why I won't get accepted but there's still a chance provided I actually go through the application process. If I don't apply at all, then it's 100% guaranteed I won't get in.
  18. I think that highly depends on what you think your application's weaknesses are. For myself, I would go back and do a post-grad BSW mainly to (a) improve my grades and (b) allow me to apply to more schools. This is because my grades are simply average (I'm older now, and admit I didn't apply myself as well as I could have during undergrad). It's also because I'm limited in physical location to applying to online programs/ones within driving distance, so being able to apply to more one-year programs would be a great option. If you need to strengthen the experience, volunteer. Apply for work everywhere. Talk to people you know who are doing the work & see how they recommend you "get in" or if they can give you any tips/leads.
  19. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully it brings my nervous waiting levels down a few notches over this long weekend.
  20. Did she just call out of the blue to say she's calling again after the weekend? I also applied for the part-time online program, and no phone calls
  21. Never been to Manitoba, but honestly going to Nova Scotia for a few weeks makes applying there that much more appealing ... That sucks about finding your own placements. I would really have hoped the school would have helped out with it.
  22. I would apply to Dalhousie next year for a BSW if this year doesn't work out. I see it would require spending 2 weeks in Halifax in May which I could definitely handle. Did Manitoba have any in-person requirement for classes?
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