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  1. Fall 2018 Admission

    They're likely laughing, thinking the poor person doesn't realize we aren't going to get back to her for another month yet.
  2. Any Older (30+) applicants out there

    I'm older too, and applying for my MSW. One of my references said the life sciences would likely view this as an asset, as you have life experiences and maturity/experience is always an asset in these professions. Here's hoping the applications committee sees it that way for us!
  3. Fall 2018 Admission

    I've also applied to a school with deadline in the March. I'm hoping that the fact they do rolling admissions means I'll hear before then.
  4. Any chance you can do one for masters of social work?
  5. Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    Impressive. I'm high-key jealous.