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  1. My cohort is full of amazing supportive people. I really cannot say enough good things about the people sitting beside me in class. I can't speak to other years, but our cohort seems to get along really well, and I have learned just as much from my classmates as my profs (and classes are set up in a way that makes this possible). I LOVE that we have our own campus. Only social work, and only Master/PhD level students in our building. I do occasionally go to the main campus to use the library in the evenings/ on weekends though. There are around 75 people in my cohort and we are typical
  2. Hello to all the 2 year Laurier hopefuls! Recently decided to look back at this forum and reminisce about the journey I've been on since I was in your position last year (and a couple years before that as well, as I was not accepted the first time I applied) I've seen a couple posts speculating about when the Laurier 2 year (on campus) offers will go out and I remember how anxiety provoking it was that Laurier seems to be one of the last programs to send out acceptance letters! Last year acceptances went out April 3rd and the years prior to that I got my rejection around that date as well (re
  3. Hi dem13, def write it as one big essay rather than separate questions. I was told my personal statement was really strong by the prof who wrote my reference for me (he wanted my whole application before writing it) and I got into the Laurier 2 year MSW for the fall. If you are struggling a bit (I know I def did the first year I applied!!!) feel free to send me a private message and I can try to help.
  4. Congrats! I'm starting the 2 year program in Sept as well! I created a fb group a while back, you are welcome to join. Some of the members are in the 2 year program and some started the online program in May. https://www.facebook.com/groups/165235444294203/?ref=bookmarks
  5. I don't think Laurier sends a package in the mail like other schools. I did not receive one. I'm pretty sure it is just the email and then you have to log into LORIS.
  6. After accepting my offer one of the emails they sent said: "I know the question of how you will finance your education is an important one. The Faculty of Social Work has a limited amount of research assistantship positions available each term. Information regarding these positions will be emailed to you late summer. You can also find information pertaining to additional funding sources and financial assistance at the Graduate Studies website. Information will be updated for the next academic year, early June." That is all the information I have received. I believe two peopl
  7. I have created a Facebook group for Laurier's 2 year MSW I have it set as a closed group so you will have to send a request to join. It made me add a friend to start the group so there is currently someone who is not actually in our class but once someone else joins I can remove her @SWMommy @Nervousme @2year.msw @johnhamont I tagged the people who mentioned they were looking to connect but obviously everyone is welcome! https://www.facebook.com/groups/165235444294203/?ref=group_header
  8. SAME. And I took two classes this semester so I really should be studying for finals lol When my boyfriend did the program he did not have classes everyday - but he graduated in 2013 and the website talks about the "new" program, so things may have changed. Based on what I have found on that link I posted for the current students, we definitely will not have class every day during the terms we have placement because you are at placement all day 3 times a week. Looks like placement would be Mon- Wed and classes Thurs and Friday maybe?
  9. No problem. I've been reading everything on the Laurier website (which is actually where I found that link) tonight and did look at the online stuff briefly... you would have a lot of field placement with that program according to the schedule but it doesn't give you an actual number of hours. https://students.wlu.ca/programs/social-work/msw/program-requirements/index.html
  10. I found a group for previous years but I haven't been able to find anything for 2018-2020. I don't mind starting one but maybe do a quick search before I do to make sure I'm not missing something.
  11. I got an email with a link to this page: https://students.wlu.ca/programs/social-work/msw/index.html Info is for the 2017/18 academic year but everything on here is super helpful!
  12. The website says: "Once admitted to the program, students participate fully in the placement planning process which begins immediately upon their acceptance to the Faculty of Social Work. The Field Education Office communicates with the students upon acceptance to the program and provides a detailed outline of the placement planning and matching process." I have accepted my offer and I've already received a couple of different emails but nothing about placements yet. I will definitely let you know if I get an email regarding potential placement agencies. It sounds like you can even propo
  13. Is anyone else interested?? I kinda stopped using Facebook other than to keep track of friends who have moved out of the country/province but someone started a group for one of the classes I took last semester and it was actually helpful.
  14. Not sure if I am understanding your question correctly. Do you mean how many hours of field practice do you have to complete during your MSW to be able to register with the college of social workers following graduation? I would assume that every program with accredidation would require you to complete at least the minimum number of hours but this document might help answer your question. Scroll to page 13 of the document where it talks about field education. http://caswe-acfts.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/CASWE-ACFTS-Standards-11-2014.pdf
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