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  1. Thank you! I wish I could have learnt those informations earlier before I applied. An open academic atmosphere is really important. I don't have a particular interest in political themes, although I love to explore a little bit, but I don't feel the school should put any emphasis on it. I think I will go to CalArts. Thank you Eric. I just carefully read through this article. After learning more about SAIC, I feel it might not be a right place for me.
  2. Thank you. I love the works by calarts faculty and students much better. But I love the city of Chicago and feel there are more subjects and elements for shooting... so it is really had to compare them.. I post to see if others have more thoughts on their photo programs..
  3. thank you. I actually want to hear what’s negative about CalArts, there is really not much information about its photo program.
  4. Hi guys, Got 80% tuition-covered scholarship from SAIC and had already decided to go there.. but this morning, CalArts offered a full prize scholarship. I feel like in a struggle to choose any one.. Any suggestions on their photo programs? Many thanks!
  5. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    I guess SAIC? Maybe calarts..
  6. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    which school do you decide to go?
  7. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    no surprise~ rejection
  8. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    I had a nightmare about my yale interview....hope I got released soon... I’m fine with a rejection...
  9. update a RISD photo interview if the info might help anyone, perhaps in the future... only one person interview five very specific questions, already listed. 1 self-introduction and how related to photography 2.what's the strength and weakness you think in your work (i like this question!) 3.like to work alone or in group? 4.how you want to explore and improve in grad study 5. why RISD?
  10. Someone l know interviewed at Columbia U photo department today
  11. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    Very glad to meet rizbeff and cklos in the reality! Wish we all good luck!!
  12. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    No, not a photo tour, but a painting studio tour which we can also participate. And I’m looking at all these restaurants or cafes around. seems a lot of choices.
  13. bubumas

    Yale MFA 2018

    Congrats that you done with the interview. I was just now outside the photography studio for about one second and I guess they were interview someone, might be you.:) and guess will see you guys at the critique session!
  14. Congratulations on you both! I just got in the program of SAIC photo too and I got a scholarship of 20% reduction in tuition.. It is actually not enough to cover my financial problem.. I was a little worried. It will be great if you can share some info on your scholarships. (Sorry if this quetion is personal and just ignore it ) And I was a little confused about the informations on the website. Some said that there is a full-tuition-covered scholarship for one student in each department. I am not sure if this is true.
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