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  1. Hey everyone! I'll be in the MFA program at SU in the fall. The info here has been very helpful but I have a couple more questions! In undergrad I had to find my housing for the next year the spring before. What is the timeline like for Syracuse? Do I need to go visit ASAP and find a place to live before all the good ones go or will I be able to find a place as easily next month? I have spent my fair share of time living with a roommate and would like to get my own place, ideally a one bedroom. Is it possible to find a clean, safe place walking distance from campus for $600 or under?
  2. UAlbany- it is a state school in NY with a small interdisciplinary program. They offer 40% tuition discount and a stipend that covers the rest of tuition with a little left over. It isn't a well known art school but if you want a Masters degree for free you can get it here.
  3. Fellow photographer here- I would 100% choose Columbia. They have a fantastic photo program and IT"S FREE!! Who can say no to that!?
  4. Super good chance I'm going! Still waiting to hear from a few more places...
  5. Anyone hear anything from NYU?? Specifically photo? I'm just waiting to hear from NYU and Columbia now but I'm getting nervous that there hasn't been anything yet :/
  6. Thank you, I hope so too! The email they sent seemed super chill so I think it should be ok.
  7. @newman and @StarryNight_1 thank you! @John0000 Doug from the photo program at Syracuse University
  8. Would anyone be willing to share some interview questions they have encountered in past years? My first interview is tomorrow! Thanks
  9. Has anyone here had an interview with Hunter before? I am curious what kind of questions they might ask... they said there would be an email on Feb. 22nd about what we need for the interview. I had to sign up for a Skype interview because I am going to be out of the country for the in person interviews!
  10. Throughout my portfolio reviews, tours and meetings professors always asked when I graduated from undergrad (2015). Graduate programs want you to take time off to prove you can make your own work. Many people consider your undergraduate work and thesis as a product of your school. They want to see if you can produce work in the "real world" and what that work will look like. I bet your acceptance rate will be much higher in a few years. The most important thing is to just keep making work!
  11. I would look at NYFA and if you are looking for photo related calls check out SPE These might not all be local but they are great resources!
  12. I applied to Columbia photo as well and have not heard anything yet
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