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  1. It really seems like everyone was notified Wednesday night.
  2. it presumably works differently for direct applicants though. And last year people were told on their letter on SSHRC extranet if they were waitlisted. As I say though, I'm just grasping at straws, don't listen to me!
  3. That's kind of my point. Has anyone been told they are on the waitlist? Or is there not one this year (as far as applicants know?) Look, I'm just grasping at straw here 😆
  4. in previous years you were told if you were on a waitlist. So I assumed when I got my "regret to inform you" that that was it. But if nobody has been told they are waitlisted, then maybe there is a list of "meritorious alternate applicants" (from 'Selection Procedures') who will be contacted if anyone turns down their award (as a few people inevitably do).
  5. So, so far nobody on a waitlist? Does that give those of us nearish to the cut-off a tiny tiny bit of hope?
  6. You can email them to the fellowship@SSHRC... address and ask for the breakdown of your score - it shows how you scored on both sections, and what each assessor gave you. I'm not sure how helpful it is, since it is so subjective, but at least it gives you a tiny bit more information. I would wait a week or two before emailing for this info, and then it will likely take another couple of weeks to receive the results.
  7. WOW. Headscratching indeed! Not even a waitlist with that super-high number? And with the other sociology applicant with a lower score - might want to appeal that
  8. So we know in committee 2 then that the cut-off is somewhere around 15, since I was rejected with 14.75 (also a UK applicant)
  9. yes. And it is a different extranet site than last year.
  10. Rejected with 14.57 from 2B(? History). Wahhhhhh 😭😭!!!!! I'm bummed. For those that haven't heard yet, it is already much faster than last year, so it is likely imminent. Once I changed the password, it took a few minutes for the page to load. So likely everyone is trying to get in at once, a good reason to stagger the emails a bit. And, there were slightly less applicants this year over last year, 2396 for 1028 awards. Congrats to those that receive an award, a big achievement!
  11. definitely a correlation between the more I anticipate an important email, the more absolute junk and spam I receive.
  12. I think it is pretty timely actually - when they sent the acceptance letters out physically, they were mailed at the end of April. So it could take a week or two depending on where in the country you are. Yes, they said results will be available in April, but in recent history it has rarely been before the very end of April, like the 30th.
  13. It was always the case we were waiting until the first week of May. There is a tiny chance of Friday, otherwise prepare yourself for this time next week. Btw- I still have access to my extranet page from last year, and it says my documents will be uploaded “soon”.
  14. According to the History faculty they have been released already. At least the "first round" (which may be like last year where there was some matching to already awarded scholarships later in the summer)
  15. No they don’t. I mean, how would they? Us direct applicants just have to wait.
  16. Sorry everyone else for the tangent! I knew about the cap on intl AHRC, but hadn’t heard about the delay. That actually explains the mixed messages people on TSR etc are getting about whether they are out or not. Is this true for all the DPTs? I actually don’t know if I’m overseas or not, I’m caught up in the post-Brexit fees snafu because the govt haven’t stated clearly that spouses of British citizens are Home, like they were when we were part of the EU, and the only category was spouses of EU citizens. So I’m probably not counted in either category for funding like AHRC, which is
  17. I'm in the UK! AHRC have all been notified in my DTP, with no news for me Better luck for you I hope!
  18. I think it is very likely that we won't hear until after next weekend, at least most of us. They have been pretty rigid about sending out the letters by mail on April 30 or May 1 in the past, and last year the extranet log-in emails didn't start until the 28th, with the first recipients notified on April 30 (and then most people had to wait until the next week). So prepare yourselves for the wait!
  19. Yeah that’s my guess (and experience) as well. There was no pattern in number, grouping, university, etc. I hope they have more admins working this year!
  20. No, sorry, your information sounds a lot more reputable! I’m just going off some rumours on The Student Room. Also, lucky you that your faculty informs you that you have been nominated, that seems rare in humanities. Good luck!
  21. Can you give us more info on this? What do you mean about a 'department nomination confirmation'? I thought the SS Clarendon awards were out a couple of weeks ago?
  22. Yes, sadly AHRC is out too. Slim pickings remain...
  23. Yeah, that is how I remember last year, except that I was able to log on before receiving the email alerting me to check the extranet (NOT the same as the portal), which just led to me hitting refresh every 5 seconds for 4 straight days. I actually received the email alerting me to the extranet 3 days after my results were posted. I'm a direct applicant, so there is no school office to contact, but not all schools will tell you anyway, or necessarily receive the results before you.
  24. Update: The History faculty told one applicant that all "first round" Clarendon offers had been given, so I guess short of a miracle (someone turning down a Clarendon) we're out of luck on that front.
  25. I just received the email confirming what the tweet said - end of April, via extranet. Just receiving the email so unexpectedly almost gave me a heart attack though. I have been able to put this out of my mind for six months, but no the anxious time starts...
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