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  1. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    The usual generic rejection mail...they gave a couple of possible reasons - unavailability of funds, unavailability of appropriate faculty, limted spots and so on..the sad or strange thing is my application status has not even changed from submitted to under review in their application portal
  2. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Got mail from UBC few mins back. And the sea of rejections continues!
  3. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Same here! Hope its not the same with other universities
  4. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    So I applied to 6 colleges and so far all of them are maintaining dead silence. Only 2 universities status has changed from Submitted to Under Review. Probably Google will block me for the number of times I check the mail in a day.
  5. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Well same here. The application says Under Review for almost a month now and there are many acceptance posters here..so looks lyk a rejection sadly
  6. waitingGame2018

    UBC Computer Science Masters F18

    I wrote to them asking by when we can hear back and in response I just got a mail with the link to evaluation and timeline section in their program website. The page says decisions will be sent out till late April.
  7. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Thanks Their site still says under review maybe they are getting d rejection mails ready in bulk
  8. waitingGame2018

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Applied to following schools for Ms Computer Science. Utah, Purdue, San Diego, Cornell, UBC, UofT No communication from any of them. Anybody has any idea about the timeline? The wait is literally turning me crazy

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