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  1. Hello! I've recently accepted an offer from the University at Buffalo for their MFA in Studio Art program. Anyone else accept any grad offers from UB? I'd love to get connected!
  2. I declined my interview request for SVA a couple weeks ago and they just sent me a letter saying I was put on the waitlist anyway, lol.
  3. My final results for MFA in Fine Arts: Colorado State: Rejected Columbus School of Art and Design: Accepted with TA ($3,000 stipend) and $10,000 scholarship. MassArt: Accepted with TA ($2,000 stipend) and $2,000 Dean's scholarship. Maine College of Art: Accepted with GA ($1,500 stipend) and $5,000 scholarship. Portland State: Accepted with GA ($1,800 stipend), $10,000 Laurel's scholarship and full tuition remission. SVA: Requested Interview, but I declined presuming I wouldn't get much funding. University at Buffalo: Accepted with TA ($14,704 stipend), full tuition remission and the Mark Diamond Research Grant designated for my thesis exhibition. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee: Rejected VCU: Rejected I think I'm set on Buffalo! I don't think I could ever come close to a better offer than that and I also connect very well with the painting faculty in their department. I'm excited and nervous for the big move! But I feel confident that Buffalo is the right decision for me. Upstate New York will be way different than Oklahoma, but here goes nothing! Hope everyone is starting to relax after all the stress and setting sights on a plan! I'd love to hear where everyone is thinking of going! 😊
  4. Rejected from Columbia College Chicago after a very short interview with them last month. No email, just randomly checked my portal and it was put on there last week. Today is a whirlwind.
  5. How much did you receive to SVA if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I personally will take out a loan for school so that I can comfortably live while having sufficient supplies to work on my practice. But for me, I am extremely low income and could not have received a higher education without loans, so I really didn't have a choice.
  7. Okay y'all, I am absolutely confused/flabbergasted. I just got an interview invitation from SVA after hearing nothing from them since I turned in my application in January??? They have already sent out waitlists, rejections and acceptances in my department (fine arts/painting) several weeks ago. This is weird and unexpected.
  8. Try requesting more aid and explain your financial situation to them! It wouldn't hurt!
  9. I got the same offer from MECA. I agree with you 100%. With their huge tuition costs, that is no where close to the amount you would need to attend. It's actually crazy.
  10. Karisjns

    Buffalo, NY

    Thanks for all of the info! Do you know anything about the new Axis 360 student apartments near South campus? You said crime is bad in the South campus area, should I be concerned for my safety in a place like Axis or is it pretty well contained? I know it is a gated community. I've also heard that there is a free shuttle that will take you from South campus to North campus. Is that pretty accurate? I went to undergrad in an incredibly small town in Oklahoma, so I'm sure downtown Buffalo and the campus will seem exponentially more exciting that where I went lol. But I am nervous about the crime and lack of public transportation. I've heard that a few times now.
  11. Karisjns

    Buffalo, NY

    Accepted to UB's Fine Arts MFA program for this fall! I'm from Oklahoma and I have never been to New York! Can anyone tell me about the campus and the city? I'm also in search of off campus housing that allows a small dog. Preferably a shared house or apartment situation. Thanks!
  12. From what I've found, tuition is not covered with the assistantships. You just get a stipend equal to a little over $1,000. The Dean's scholarship was defined as a $2,000 scholarship to go toward your senior thesis show. So over all it is not a huge amount of funding, but I was expecting a smaller award from them based on what previous forums have reported about aid they've received.
  13. Just rejected from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee ☹️
  14. Just got an email from MassArt to check my portal for a decision. Accepted to the 2D Find Arts program with a TA, Dean's scholarship and museum position👀
  15. Hi, chiming in from the MFA forum. I was accepted to UB and have received TA and stipend info from my department. I talked to financial aid and they said fellowship, loan and University scholarship info outside of your department should be mailed out on April. Hope this helps!
  16. In my email, the art dept. Director told me some additional funding opportunities include several Dean's fellowships. So I was curious if he didn't have control over fellowships and that's decided by the University itself. Hmm, I guess we'll find out! Thanks @artperson
  17. Thanks so much, Pallavi! Hope I get some more funding soon then! How are your applications going?
  18. I don't remember how this worked last year. Does financial aid come from two different areas of the University sometimes? For example, I got a TA with a stipend and tuition remission via email from the director of the art department. I also got an email from the actual financial aid office from the University stating they received my FAFSA and to expect a financial aid package in the mail. Is it possible that I could get more funding outside of the art department from the University itself? It's kind of a confusing question, I'm sorry!
  19. This was what my interview email looked like.
  20. Accepted into Columbus College of Art and Design for the Fine Arts New Projects program with a $28,500 scholarship. Biggest funding offer so far, hmmmm🤔
  21. That's crazy these they aren't communicating with you. I'm sure they're busy, but still. I think you should check out all of the scholarships and their deadlines and go ahead and apply for as many as you can, it wouldn't hurt. Also dig through the website and see if any scholarships were automatically applied for when you filled out your FAFSA and/or your admission application.
  22. Anxiously waiting for my financial aid package for the University at Buffalo. Anyone else in the same waiting phase? It's almost as nerve wracking as waiting for the acceptance lol.
  23. Got my official VCU rejection email in painting. At least I saw it coming😐
  24. I was accepted into MECA as well. Congrats!
  25. I'm pretty sure VCU has sent out pretty much all of their painting interviews and acceptances. I also seem to have not made the cut. But hey, maybe there will be another load of notifications who knows.
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