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  1. Hey everyone! I am admitted to MS biostatistics programs at UNC and Michigan. Both schools have an internal process and a preference of admitting their own master’s students to their own PhD program, especially UNC. I was wondering would it be bad if if apply for an internal transfer as well as trying to apply for other TOP biostatistics programs like Harvard or JHU in the meantime? Would it be a bad impression for the faculties? Thank you!
  2. Anyone heard from JHU yet? I know they have sent out some interviews and offers. Not sure about rejection tho. Still waiting
  3. I am waiting on their master’s too. My guess would be they send out several waves of interviews based on how strong the applicants are
  4. Saw in the admission result Duke is sending out biostatistics offers for their Master's? Anyone got any news?
  5. May I ask if you are applying for Master's or PhD? I am waiting on their response as well. Thank you!
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