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  1. Hi! This is an Anthropology forum so I think you might this Biology forum could be more helpful: As an international student I do understand your frustration, but don't worry about timing in terms of your visa; you could probably receive your I-20 by May and still have enough time to get your student visa. Best of luck and I hope everything goes well!
  2. I'm joining for Fall 2019 too! I'm doing a PhD in Anthropology
  3. Has anyone else not heard from CUNY? I'm sure I have been rejected but nothing has shown up in the application portal and I haven't received any emails. So rude. 😠
  4. I'm in Anthropology so I don't know if things in STEM are the same, but I was told that you should never pay for a PhD. First of all, it is 6 years and taking out loans to pay all that is just ridiculous. I might agree with the rest of the people above if you absolutely love the school and it is a perfect fit but that does not seem to be the case, and also it's just too much money. It just doesn't sound like a good idea. For me securing funding (and good funding if you have the chance) should be a top priority.
  5. I haven't even received a decision yet 😕 I called on Friday to see what was up and they told me that not all decisions/acceptances have come out and they don't really know when they'll send the rest of the decisions out. Based on that I would assume that accepting people off the waitlist is not a priority for the right now? I don't know. I wish I could get and give you a straight answer.
  6. It makes me so mad that schools take so long to send their results, especially rejections. I find it so inconsiderate that once rejected it's like schools don't even feel like people are important or that they deserve to know sooner rather than later. If they know who they are admitting and/or placing on the waitlist just let the others know, it really doesn't take long to write a generic rejection later. I have yet to officially hear from two schools, and even though I am 90% sure that I am going to be rejected (people have already posted acceptances/waitlists/interviews on the results page a
  7. @adamanthro I do have another option but I really like CUNY and I got my hopes up when I got the interview email 😕 Also I know that at least I have one choice but applying to 9 schools and only getting one acceptance is kind of brutal.
  8. Nothing on my portal or email (including spam). Making people wait for their rejection is simply rude. 😭
  9. @adamanthro did you get an email or did it show up in the portal?? I guess I got rejected. yikes. Has anyone else received anything?
  10. @spoitier Congratulations!! I do not know anything about CU Denver but I would assume that because they set March 29 as a deadline to respond that they're not giving you any funding? From my experience Anthropology programs tend to respect the "if there is funding involved you should not force people to accept before April 15th" thing (https://cgsnet.org/april-15-resolution),, so if they're asking for a response before then, there's probably no funding (this is my reasoning I could be wrong). I would honestly just email and ask; it never hurts. Good luck
  11. I apologize for being so insistent about this but did anyone apply to CU Boulder and receive a decision already or knows someone who applied and received some sort of decision (preferably acceptance or wait list)? I haven't heard anything yet and I have emailed everyone I could possibly email and have not gotten a direct response. Please, I really like this school and I really want them to stop messing with my feelings. 😭
  12. Seriously though, thanks for the information!
  13. I am not sure the waitlist for cultural is real because it honestly doesn't make sense that someone got a waitlist notification before someone else in the same subdiscipline got their acceptance. It does seem though that acceptances usally come out a month before they upload rejections so I do agree they if we haven't heard from NYU we're probably rejected.
  14. Wow, would you happen to know how many people do they interview then if it’s rolling? Probably more than the 13 spots they offer. Their process is so weird. Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting to reach the interview stage and CUNY is probably my top choice so the wait is killing me. 😩
  15. @adamanthro Oh damn, I hate the really vague "early, mid, late" shit. JUST TELL US ALREADY! They have all the power, they could at least just let us know when they are going to release their decisions. Hopefully they'll let us know by the beginning of next week. Thanks for the information!
  16. Does anyone know how CUNY interviews work? Like does getting an interview mean that you will either get accepted or placed on the waitlist or is it still possible to be rejected? I kind of tried asking but I was too nervous to do so in a coherent manner (also my general awkwardness probably didn't help). Was anyone able to figure out the exact date decisions will come out? Also is it just me or are decisions in general kind of behind schedule? I kind of expected to have most of my decisions by the end of February but I still haven't heard from many schools 😕 .
  17. From my understanding, if there is funding involved your POI cannot urge you to make a decision before April 15th. If anything you should tell them that they are not allowed to make you decide before April 15th. I'm not sure about how the thing works but here's a link to the resolution if you want to check it out: https://cgsnet.org/april-15-resolution
  18. I am extremely frustrated and a part of me feels that I am partly to blame. I feel like I've been jerked around by one of my top choices. Based on the previous years' results they should have already uploaded decisions and a couple of decisions have in fact been posted. I have not received any decision, I have called, I emailed my POI and they told me that they could not give me any information but that I would hear from the admissions committee soon (this was on Friday). I emailed the department for information today and they said that I should contact my POI. ¿ENTONCES QUE? Who is going to g
  19. @Andromeda3921 for CUNY I've only been contacted by adcomm and students who are also part of the adcomm. I think that they said that decisions would come out early March? I don't really remember but that also seems to be the case in past years. For NYU there's only the one mystery person in sociocultural who was interviewed and informally accepted (see results page). I called a couple of days ago and they said that results would come out mid to late March. Seems like it's an off year in terms of timing for NYU.
  20. I don't think that's fair. I'm not @fluffercloud but I think that what they just wanted to express their frustration and disappointment about all of this and there is nothing wrong with that. I think that it is ok to feel bad about an interview not going as well as you wanted it to even though you already have options. The title of this thread says "vent about anything", so I think this should be a place where people are not judged for what they post or how the feel. For what it's worth fluffercloud, I understand that it might very frustrating, and you might feel inadequate or at least t
  21. @anthro123 Thanks for letting us know. At least for me that gives me some peace. Can’t wait to get my rejection 😂 Congratulations on getting in!! I bet you’ll do great!
  22. Anyone want to claim the Harvard acceptance? Congratulations to whoever this was!
  23. I understand, the same thing is happening to be with CU Boulder. I have seen a couple of rejections and acceptances but I still haven't received any news. I also called yesterday and was told that decisions should be out "soon", so that's not a lot of information. As an international student I also had to submit my application on December 1st (the deadline for domestic students was like January 15th or something), so it has been extremely frustrating to see American students get decisions before me even though I submitted my application almost a month and a half before they had to. That's just
  24. @Maric I think a couple of sociocultural anthropology rejections and one acceptance have shown up in the results page for UT Austin. Have you checked the web portal? It seems that people have been getting their decisions there, without an email notification. With that said, maybe they just haven't reached a decision on your application specifically and maybe that's why you haven't heard anything? Anyways, I hope you get good news!
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