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  1. I'm going to assume that the crickets from this question means no. . . . Did you get the e-mail they sent out last week about awards?
  2. It is pretty tempting . . . Anyway, a brief update: all of my online status' have changed today from U of T, York and Ryerson. York says "Admitted" with a link to ACCEPT/DECLINE, and U of T says "Decision Made", and Ryerson also. I just declined York, so there's at least one spot that just opened up to a York hopeful.
  3. I've been accepted to U of T and York via mail and phone call, and the online status still doesn't say if I've been accepted or a decision has been made. Ryerson's RAMSS just changed two days after I received a phone call offering admission. So don't trust the online application status just yet! I didn't think I would have this issue, but now I'm feeling all of this pressure to make the right choice for uni. CRAP, LIFE IS HURD. Thank you everyone, for being supportive of each other and telling us your fears, advice and all of your sherlock investigation work. This waiting was (and still is) really tough. Those people who have tried last year and the year before, I admire you for your tenacity. Good luck and keep on going being your fabulous selves!
  4. Thank you Yes it did! And I applied for Advanced Standing for health and Mental health. Please note for ppl who have not received their packages yet - my last name is to the beginning of the alphabet and I live downtown, so I'm probably among the very first.
  5. GUYS, U OF T ARE MAILING OFFERS OF ADMISSION!!! I know this because mine arrived in the mail today... . . . . . . . . . Ok so how do I pay for this lol
  6. Um. Wait what? Congratulations Emem - that must have felt so good to hear! Congrats to everyone else! Oh. My. God. AHHHH!! So for any one who is curious, I applied for the mental health stream, and my last name is before H. My GPA just made the bare minimum, but looks like my volunteer and work experience, plus my personal statement and references were pretty solid though, so maybe that's what pushed me in. AHHHHH!!!
  7. Click on Dashboard (left side column). Then ta da! It's under the heading "Academics"
  8. Check out your e-mail concerning your U of T Join id for the info you need to log into Acorn, then head on over to http://www.acorn.utoronto.ca/ . We weren't informed that we were supposed to, we're just keeners who are anxious for news and are wandering around for answers. I only found out about Acorn and Rosi, whatever from these forums. Hope that helps! Honestly, I'm a bit skeptical, because it seems like everyone has been accepted, including myself. I wonder if "invited" just means that we had applied to U of T.
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