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  1. I got into elliott's middle east and International affairs MA and CIR. I wish to pursue a career in academia so i'm bending towards CIR, however one thing that worries me is that my regional area of interest is Middle East - and CIR doesn't seem to have much on contemporary middle east ( in terms of courses) its more of theoretical IR program intensive of security ideas I guess. I'm hoping that I can cover up on ME via workshops etc and my prior experience. Idk how it is for latin american specialization though
  2. Has everyone who applied to dpir MPhil heard back from them ?
  3. @Shnoztastic, and any thoughts on how accommodating these Ivies and the Ivy plus ones are towards Oxbridge MPhils?
  4. @cosmicrey, Firstly, Thank you for going through my query in detail. . It is always encouraging to hear from students already studying at these universities. I just also got my acceptance from CIR chicago, which as you may know is a one year research intensive degree. And since University of Chicago is Ivy, and is known for rigourous preparation for a PhD , this just makes my decision tougher. For me , my research interests are paramount . Possibly why I don't go by the generic " Top 10 IR Schools " lists in the first place. I did have one important query. How easy in your
  5. Dear All, I a an Applicant from India , and have done my undergrad in economics (india) MA in International Relations ( India) I have now applied for a second Masters in IR in UK and US . Final aim is to do a PhD and go into teaching. Till the time of writing I have been accepted into American University SIS , Korbel Denver and MPhil in Cambridge . I still wait for Oxford, CIR Chicago, SAIS and Elliott . I hope to do a PhD in USA , and have hence been building and strengthening my profile for it. What are the opinions on doing an MPhil from Oxbridge ? What are the chances of
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