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  1. 76th

    University of Toronto MIRHR 2019 Forum

    Last year a lot of people got theirs in April, so I wouldn't worry too much. I got mine in April ; and it was stressful waiting!
  2. 76th

    University of Toronto MIRHR 2019 Forum

    Cutoff is a 3.3 which is a B+ avg in your last 2 years. That being said, you likely won't get in with a 3.3 avg. Most students in here had straight As with a few B+s if any. - This is what iv been exposed to, so it's purely anecdotal and don't take my word.
  3. 76th

    University of Toronto MIRHR 2019 Forum

    They usually give offers between March-April. A few beforehand for top top students that applied. They just finished with their PhD's i believe.
  4. 76th

    University of Toronto MIRHR 2019 Forum

    Goodluck all. I'm currently a student in the MIRHR, 1 year stream. I know the stress because last year id browse these forumns a lot haha. Feel free to ask any questions about the program
  5. I got the call today and am accepted to the Advanced Standing Stream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodluck everyone and hope to see you in September.
  6. No i didn't apply to YorkU for the MHRM! The undergrad program here is really great, with amazing proffs. And I'm sure the MHRM here is just as great. However I don't want to be at YorkU anymore because the school has a really big Marxist SJW vibe to it, as the school is known for being a liberal arts one. You can add the communist ideology to the group as well, and it has gotten really bad Iv noticed as i progressed through my 4 years there. I long for the day I join UofT to sit on the throne beside Jordan Peterson
  7. Thank you! That's awesome haha. I don't know many people who have applied for the 1 year MIRHR. Where did you do your undergrad!? I just finished at YorkU.
  8. @AglioOlio Just wondering, what made you decide UofT as your priority? Cornell is a pretty prestigious school haha. Congrats on getting an acceptance there! I haven't heard from anyone else about the feedback they got from UofT for the advanced standing program. Fingers crossed.
  9. Still waiting haha, I applied for the advanced standing stream! I got an offer from Queens MIR, but UofT is my first choice. They have to give us a response within the next 2 weeks ( atleast I hope so). From previous threads, it looked like they gave out acceptances starting end of March. Hopefully we hear soon. Let's hang tight now!!
  10. Nope! My application is under view. No worries though, as @BusyBee16 said, they usually give out feedback late March/Mid April
  11. Hey! Goodluck on your application! Did you apply for the Advanced Standing stream? I officially finished my application yesterday ( 1 of my references took a long time to send his referral)

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