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  1. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    Just received my acceptance to the 3 year program! @anthurium hope you hear soonn!!!!
  2. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    @mintypins nothing for you? I know you said you applied to the 2 year program. @Kgroves which option did you apply for?
  3. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    There’s another rejection in the results page from yesterday. Nothing here yet
  4. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    On the main Thegradecafe results page. Search for “portland.” Looks like one rejection and one acceptance for the two year program from today. maybe they are admitting: advanced standing>two year>three year>four year
  5. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    Ahhhh I see the two results!!! Ahh!!!! @mintypins
  6. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    @mintypins My personal statement wasn't anything that stands out, I don't think, but I feel confident about my other essay.
  7. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    As long as none of us have heard, its good news. Waitlists are brutal. I agree with @mintypins and will just move on with plans at that point. I didn't apply anywhere else because I have a great job in the field here. I can't see myself going to George Fox and I've heard pretty mixed things about the counseling program at Lewis & Clark. And obviously, debt sounds awful considering what we earn in the social services field. @anthurium @Kgroves Thanks guys! Its next Saturday and I'm headed up to Vancouver, BC for a MUCH NEEDED vacation!
  8. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    no updates here. My birthday is next saturday. this could really make or break it for me!!!!
  9. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    I'm so nervous about not getting anything if others do.
  10. MSW 2018 Waiting Game

    Thanks for the info! @mintypins and i are exhausted from refreshing our emails
  11. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    I have a BA in sociology with a concentration in family studies and a minor in "Law, politics, & society" (interdisciplinary). I have worked in a few group homes for adjudicated youth (all male) -- gang & drug offenders, sex offenders. I worked as a milieu counselor in a residential treatment center for kids with severe behavioral problems and was in a CSEC all-girls unit for teens. Then I worked in a community based supportive housing program for adults with severe & persistent mental illness and volunteered at the DV crisis line at the same time. I have been working in Affordable Housing for the past two years as a Resident Services Coordinator and work at an SRO for formerly homeless women. I went through Community Health Worker training and certification last year and plan to do the Health Across the Lifespan concentration to do health promotion I burned myself out on trauma work although I still deal with it in a less direct way. I love working with women! I make pretty good money in my current position which is why I want to do the 3 year program. (Also we are hiring right now if you are in Portland...........)
  12. PSU MSW Fall 2018 Admissions Status

    Let's distract ourselves: what did you guys @mintypins @Kgroves study for undergrad? where do you work currently if you're in the field (organization, population, type of work)? what concentration/emphasis do you plan on doing if you're admitted to PSU? I'm losing my mind checking my email and refreshing the admissions page and lurking these forums.