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  1. May I ask if the stipend includes summer or is only 10 months? I’m trying to get an idea of what is typical for phd stipends in public health. I have one stipend that is more but is over the whole year and another that is only 10 months but would be more if I included working a summer internship or whatnot.
  2. I know that epi is a quant heavy field but in Health services research I applied for quantitative streams/tracks/concentrations/cognates, or whatever you want to call them, with a Quant score in the 59% percentile and got into a couple of schools still. I took a lot of quant classes that I did very well in and the rest of my app was solid. So I’m not sure if you only applied to top programs, or if epi is just very different, but when I talked to program directors about GRE they said that they weigh other parts of the app more heavily and look at the kind of classes you took to balance out the Quant part of the GRE because they realize it’s not a great metric. Are you sure that the GRE is the only sticking point? I knew someone who applied last year and she didn’t get in to any PhD programs and one of the program directors basically told her that one of her letters of rec sabotaged her. It was not explicitly bad, but it really wasn’t great and there was a lot to read between the lines if you will. Just something to think about
  3. I got a rejection pretty early on from UCLA and then they came out with some acceptances, so they might still be deciding on you, trying to figure out some funding, or you could be on an unofficial waitlist and they’re waiting to see if they have any early acceptances decline. Don’t think it would hurt to reach out—getting pretty late in the game. Didnt get an interview at NYU so probably a no. I saw someone post for Harvard so those acceptances probably went out last week and rejections will go out soon. So my cycle will probably be: rejected: NYU, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, UW(?) accepted: Michigan, Minnesota
  4. Hi everyone, long time lurker here! Any health policy/ services research applicants here? I’m still waiting on some schools! Harvard, yale, NYU, and UW are radio silence and heard from ucla, Minnesota, and Michigan. I feel like if I haven’t heard anything then it’s a drawn out rejection. Anyone have any insights on these schools?
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