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  1. psychedforpsychology

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Thanks for the reply! Heres to hoping. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.
  2. psychedforpsychology

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Does anyone know what it means if the school has had their interview days already but they haven't reached out to you at all? Should I assume I am denied or is it possible I am on the waitlist? I haven't heard from NC State or Virginia Tech but I know they have had their interview days already. I've just been assuming those are rejections.
  3. psychedforpsychology

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    You're not alone! I applied to 8 PhD programs and was rejected by 6 of them. I haven't heard back from two, however, they have already had their interview days so I'm assuming those are a no. My cousin received her masters in IO from University of New Haven and she really liked the program, plus they have rolling admissions! I already applied and received an acceptance, so I think it's worth a shot if you're interested.

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