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  1. Hello future applicants! I know applying and waiting for an acceptance is stressful, and I turned to the forums from previous years a lot when I was waiting to hear if I got accepted into audiology. So, I thought I would update future applicants who may be lurking on this forum about happened with the wait list after this forum was abandoned! If you haven't seen my previous posts, I applied to Western for Audiology and was put on the wait list. Shortly after I was put on the wait list in April, I figured out via this forum that the program was full and they were not admitting any more app
  2. They didn't tell me my position on the wait list, unfortunately. I'm always looking at my phone too, it's terrible! I don't think they will start calling until after April 17th anyways, since that's when the first round offers expire, but that doesn't stop me from constantly checking my phone. Were you wait listed last year as well? Best of luck to you!
  3. I only applied to Western. I called the admissions office and was told that there are 28 spots and 25 applicants wait listed this year. Did you apply to Dal or UBC? Although this is a stressful situation to be in, it's really nice to talk about it with someone who is in the same boat... I'm sure my friends and family are getting sick of me blabbing on about grad school by now lol.
  4. I've been waitlisted at Western as well. I heard that Western typically puts more people on the wait list then they would accept into the program. For example, a couple of years ago they had 22 spots and waitlisted 25 applicants. How likely it is to get off the wait list largely depends on how many people accept their offers. The high variability from year to year makes it hard to predict, but it looks like 3 to 5 people are usually accepted off the wait list, so there is still a decent chance considering some applicants wait listed at Western may be offered admission elsewhere and accept that
  5. Hi everyone! I have been waitlisted at Western. It looks like Western doesn't start pulling from the waitlist until the first round offers expire, so I will have to be patient for a few more weeks. I hope you all heard good news!
  6. I read that the average GPA for students admitted in previous years to Western was a 3.7 for the past 20 courses, so around 80-84%. I'm not too sure about Dal, but it's probably around the same.
  7. Hello Everyone! I applied to Western for Audiology. This is my first year applying so fingers crossed!
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