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  1. Aw man, that sucks I'm upset too. But thanks for letting me know!
  2. No I'm starting to lose hope... have you? I wonder if they're done making calls or if they're still making them
  3. Congrats on being accepted to the American school! But yeah, that's exactly why I didn't apply, it's unfortunate that the cost is so high there because there are so many more audiology schools. I don't like how Canada only has 3, the chances are so low. Best of luck to you for the Western wait list! I'm so anxious to hear back from them.
  4. Omg wow that sucks they put more people on the waitlist than how many they actually accept but thanks so much for the info! I really appreciate it. Right! Waiting has been terrible. That's a good idea, I'm gonna plan to do the same. I don't want to get my hopes up too high. Did you apply to Dal and UBC too? Thank you! Best of luck to you as well, I definitely will keep you posted
  5. Hi - just wanted to start this forum for anyone who has been waitlisted at either Western, Dal or UBC for audiology (September 2018). I'm waitlisted at Western, just found out this morning. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Does anyone happen to know how likely getting off the waitlist is, and how many people they actually put on the waitlist? I'm so nervously waiting!! The waiting is definitely the worst part thanks guys!!
  6. Hi everyone! Congrats to those of you who have been accepted I unfortunately have gotten a rejection from Dal last week and am waiting on Western and UBC. I've been really struggling with this news and I'm just coming on here to seek support since I've become really discouraged based on this news. Does anyone know how many people each school accepts? I know Western is 28-30 but I'm unsure about Dal and UBC. And can anyone offer tips on strengthening applications? I will probably be applying again next year but I'm wondering what I can do to make my application better. Thanks guys!
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