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  1. Thank you very much for your advice! The program is actually at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island, so at least I'd be living in the city, and I have the option of commuting from my parents' home because I'm from the city. As you suggest, I'm definitely considering what my longterm plans are above all. I'm used to living on a very small income my whole life, so my plan is that if I do the program at Cornell and ultimately have around $40K in loans, I would definitely live like I'm making $35-40K until my loans are paid off. And as a software engineer in New York City hopefully that wouldn't take
  2. I like computer science much more than data analysis, so that is the main reason. I’d prefer to work as a software engineer than as a data scientist. And I currently work over 30 hours a week and am in school full time, so I’m not too worried about working for an apartment. I went to the accepted students weekend today at Cornell and was advised to reach out to the program director about negotiating my funding.
  3. No, I would be taking out $27k (I have about $11k from undergrad), but it would all go toward tuition. I've applied for an Americorps position that would provide me with housing as well as a bit of money back toward my undergrad loans, or if that doesn't pan out I plan on just working and paying for an apartment as I go along.
  4. Thank you, this is great advice! I will definitely do that this week.
  5. Oh I totally meant to add this above - do people ever negotiate? A friend of mine said he negotiated with NYU when he got into Tisch. Would it be worth it to give Cornell a call and explain that I have another offer?
  6. So, the title pretty much sums it up. I got into the M.Eng. in Computer Science program at Cornell and was offered a scholarship for exactly half of the tuition cost. All in all, I'd graduate in a year with $38,000 in loans, including from my undergrad. Tonight I got into the M.S. in Data Analytics program at Fordham, and they're offering over $63,000 in a scholarship that covers full tuition, health insurance, and a $23,000 stipend. When I was originally applying to graduate programs, I intended on going into Data Science, but now that I got into the Comp Sci program, I'm heavily leaning towa
  7. I'm new here, so I apologize if I ask too many questions! Basically, I'm currently a senior at NYU and in May I'll be graduating with a B.A. in Math and Psychology. Going into my senior year, I had been planning on applying to several Ph.D. programs in Data Science and Statistics and my career goal was to be a data scientist. However, upon meeting with the professor whose lab I do research in, he stated that it would be very difficult for me to get into any Ph.D. program with only a year of undergraduate research experience. So, I applied to 6 Masters programs and the Ph.D. in Data Science pro
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