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  1. Yeah, things are really weird in the US. I was accepted at UBC in Vancouver with full tuition covered and $30K for four years, without the need of RAship or TAship, which can obviously occur as a plus. On the other hand, UCLA offered a very modest financial package, with some stipend for the first two years and only a promise of RA and TA for the third and fourth years. People here in Canada do not believe that a university as big as UCLA cannot offer a better financial package for their PhD students. But, regarding UC Berkeley, did you apply for Health Policy? When did they send you an email? I called them on Monday and they said they would be releasing the admission results this week. Apparently this week is over, tomorrow is a statutory holiday, so It is the only department that hasn't contacted me yet at all. This is really frustrating. The deadline for making a decision is coming soon... Thanks! And good luck on your applications.
  2. Hi guys, I am new here. Got acceptance at UCLA for the PhD in Health Policy and Management and at UBC for Public Health with concentration in health economics. Has anyone applied for Health Policy at UC Berkeley? Radio silence from them so far... I am certainly moving to the US, but depending on Berkeley response to figure out my actual university. Thanks!
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