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    Interview: UCSD Biology, Johns Hopkins/Janelia Neuroscience, Northwestern NUIN, Duke Neurobiology

    Rejected: Stanford Neuro, NYU Neural Sciences, Columbia Neurobiology, UChicago Neurobiology

    Accepted: UCSD Biology, Johns Hopkins/Janelia Neuroscience, Northwestern NUIN, Duke Neurobiology
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  1. I won't say anything about your chances because I'm not on the admissions committee and I can't give you any objective information on that. I think the list of schools you have are good, a good mix of mid to high tier universities there. I might even drop 1 or 2 big name schools like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc if you can afford the application fee. I am also an international student who applied in this past cycle (2019 cycle) and I was admitted to most of my first and second choices. They will mostly (if not all) offer full tuition and stipend to international students. Having your own source of funding is helpful in increasing your chances (as well as contacting professors), but it's not necessary at all. You can generally find detailed information about funding on program websites or emailing the program coordinator can also be helpful in clarifying any questions that you might have. Best of luck!
  2. I emailed the admissions to ask about Neurobiology PhD - they said all invites were sent over the holidays and if we didn't hear back then our application isn't under consideration anymore.
  3. Does anyone have information about Columbia and NYU? (I see some results but wondering if they are done sending invites) Update: Columbia is done
  4. Their interviews are from Jan 30~, but the acceptances came out around the 18th of December or so. I'm not sure if they are done sending out invites but the deadline to respond to email is Jan 2nd - if not a lot of people are attending the interviews, then I guess it's possible that they'll start going into waitlist.... (although please don't quote me when I say this!)
  5. Also, we should just set up an irc channel or something to chat about this, this thread is getting out of hand LOL
  6. In the email that they sent a while back, they said to expect them between 18-20th, so it's possible that they are still sending out interviews!
  7. Broadly interested in systems neuroscience - using circuitry mapping tools to perturb certain aspects of the circuit to dissect the functional domains and subsections of the circuit. More specifically, I'm really interested in sensorimotor integration in the neocortex - namely the convergence of sensory inputs in the motor cortex and the ability of the motor cortex to 'translate' them into a more coherent output. Not limited to that, however, I'm also interested in simple Pavlovian conditioning behavioral studies involving the amygdala and the insula cortex in rodents. My dream is to be able to take my experimental data and develop a computational model / simulation that can relatively capture the dynamics that I can observe in these systems (synchronous firing, waves of firing etc) so that I can use my experiments to strengthen my model and I can use my model to further guide my experiments.
  8. Just out of curiosity - what is the general % of students that are admitted after the interview? (aka wondering if it is common to be rejected post-interview?)
  9. uhhh I wanna say that it's the same as the Biology PhD program ( I don't think there's a Bio PhD at UCSD). It's different from the BMS though
  10. UCSD biological sciences came out today as well!
  11. Ah yeah same, still waiting for UCSD and JHU... although JHU said that they'll start sending out invites tomorrow so we have that to look forward too! Good luck with those : )
  12. @space8 NUIN should be coming out this week! Admissions committee met this past Friday!
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