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  1. Thank you @AnnaGG for your input. I've looked at the website and they give a lot of information detailing their financial support. -- University of Notre Dame South Bend, IN Department of Sociology "The Department of Sociology offers financial support in the form of fellowships, graduate assistantships, and tuition scholarships. Most incoming students receive either a fellowship or assistantship which provides full tuition plus a stipend for living expenses for five years, contingent upon making satisfactory progress in the program. Students receiving graduate assistan
  2. Apart from the fact that Germany universities are very strong academically, they are also very cheap. Most of them range anywhere from $150-$350 per year! This little price includes their fees, printing costs, and even a transport card (subway, bus...). Granted you have to figure out you're apartment on your own, but I think about $300 for "university expenses" is certainly affordable. Just something to consider.
  3. @Mason.Jennings Hi Mason, I would recommend the New School in New York City. Their Sociology program has a strong focus on European theorists and know several of their graduate students are International and study politcal and social theory as their areas of focus. Granted, the New School has some other characteristics you should consider whether or not they suit you, but I do know they may fit you as far as your interest in Marxist political theory.
  4. Northeastern University Boston, MA Department of Sociology & Anthropology Most certainly not fully funded, it is described as a preference, "Fellowships and assistantships are awarded to full-time degree candidates through the Graduate Office, at the recommendation our department. There is no separate application for assistantships. Students can indicate interest in an assistantship via the “Financial Assistance” section in the online admission application. Please note that your tuition scholarship can take up to 8 weeks to process. Please pay any fees not covered by your aw
  5. University of California Riverside Riverside, CA Department of Sociology not fully funded, yet funded in some ways, ...vague explanation but there are some options "We typically fund graduate students for four years through a combination of fellowships and teaching assistantships (via contract)" http://sociology.ucr.edu/graduate-program__trashed/prospective-grad-student-info/
  6. University of Illinois Chicago Chicago, IL Department of Sociology Fully funded for 5-years. "Funding in the form of a teaching assistantship is guaranteed for 5 years to our graduate students, as long as they remain in good standing and meet department benchmarks. Sociology graduate students can expect funding through a teaching or research assistantship for their first five years as long as they remain in good standing", includes a tuition waiver https://soc.uic.edu/graduate/funding/
  7. University of California Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA Department of Sociology Several fellowships that students can apply, nothing is promised, it is on a competitive basis and most certainly not full. After reading their website the sense one gets is that students will struggle financially since the website itself tries to address how to avoid that from happening. https://sociology.ucsc.edu/graduate/prospective-students/funding-opportunities.html *This seems to be a reoccurring thing with the University of California System
  8. Loyola University Chicago Chicago, IL Department of Sociology Only for PhD students, since they have a terminal MA. "Fellowships, assistantships, and tuition scholarships are available to a limited number of qualified full-time students in the PhD program" and also not fully funded. https://www.luc.edu/sociology/gssupport.shtml
  9. Wayne State University Detroit, MI Department of Sociology Barely much funding, especially if you are still in the masters stage of the PhD program; "The department is allotted eight Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) by the university each year. Normally, GTAs are selected from students who are making satisfactory academic progress in the doctoral program in sociology. In rare cases an advanced Masters student is given a GTA position. Stipend amounts depend upon prior experience and whether assistants hold a Masters degree. A GTA is expected to assist a faculty member or t
  10. Colorado State University Colorado Springs, CO Department of Sociology Not fully funded and not every student is funded, yet there are still options; "Many of CSU Sociology’s graduate students are funded by teaching or research assistantships that help support living expenses and cover tuition costs. These experiences are more than just financially beneficial, they help our graduate students integrate into the department and expand their skills. " https://sociology.colostate.edu/graduate/awards-and-funding/
  11. University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Department of Sociology "Some sources of financial support most commonly available to sociology graduate students are listed below. The sums awarded and conditions of awards may change, so you should check with the graduate director or with the graduate administrator for updated details." http://www.sociology.pitt.edu/graduate/funding-fellowships-and-awards Or in other words, they have resources but nothing like a set funding packet for every admitted student that may waive off tuition, fees, insurance, plus a stipend.
  12. Washington State University Pullman, WA Department of Sociology Not everyone receives an assistantship... "Students receiving an assistantship work 20 hours per week with faculty. The assistantship provides graduate students with a financial stipend, a health insurance package, and an operation fee waiver for tuition. The total financial worth of the assistantship exceeds $30,000 for the current academic year." https://soc.wsu.edu/graduate-program/prospective-graduate-students/faqs/ Additionally, international students require evidence of financial support, which in essen
  13. University of Washington Seattle, WA Department of Sociology "admitted students are typically offered a multi-year funding package as part of their offer of admission. The vast majority of our students are funded throughout their time in graduate school, with a mix of teaching positions, research assistantships, and fellowships." https://soc.washington.edu/admissions-funding-your-graduate-education This is added information on the TAs: "The Department of Sociology typically awards between thirty and forty teaching assistantships per year. Ordinarily, about one-fourth to o
  14. Purdue University West Lafayette, IN Department of Sociology This department appears to fund their students fully! It states everything their financial support covers, plus the stipend, and the form of supporting through a TA or RA. "Applicants to the graduate program are automatically considered for departmental funding. The sociology program offers financial support in the form of teaching assistantships (TA) and research assistantships (RA). University and College sponsored fellowships are also available on a competitive basis. All admitted students are funded in one of
  15. Texas A&M University College Station, TX Department of Sociology "A small number (4-5) of department-assigned funding slots are reserved for incoming students. These are awarded based on a committee review that begins in February. Entry cohorts are about 12-15 new students each Fall. This means that about 1 in 3 new students enter with department-assigned funding. Many of the other new students find financial support from one of the many other sources once they are enrolled and on campus and in position to respond to seek out available opportunities." https://sociology.tam
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