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  1. Thanks @kandai. I've been thinking about what you've said and found programs which will teach me more quantitative skills to enter the professional path after graduating
  2. Yikes. I assumed an American degree would help me enter the job market. I have a friend who did MAPSS just for this, but that was a few years ago. Things may have changed. I don't mind other issues that others have flagged, like the program being repetitive of undergrad coursework. I don't think my undergrad abroad is comparable. Fingers crossed. I've gotten into a public policy program at a state college which is very reasonable and can definitely help me land a job. But UChicago has been my dream school. It's hard to wrap my head around the idea of choosing not to go.
  3. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I have an undergrad from abroad. It's one of the leading universities in my country, but does not amount to much for me to enter the job market in the US (where I plan on working in the long term since I am a citizen). Is it really bad if I'm entering for: 1) the UofC label to help get me decent jobs after grad 2) to enter a professional field of communications or policy research after completing MAPSS? I plan on taking courses which are more quantitative to help achieve these goals.
  4. Anyone still waiting for a response from UIC? Haven't gotten a rejection but I haven't gotten an acceptance or waitlist either. I can see some posters who got a response. So confused. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. Hi, folks. I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I've applied to a few programs in Chicago, and want to contribute to the social sector by contributing in policy-making. I recently got accepted into UIC's MPA program where I chose a concentration in Public Policy. I have a few questions: 1. How good (or bad?) is UIC's Public Administration department? 2. Is it bad for someone who wants to work in policy to get an MPA with specialization in public policy? MPP's at nearby non-state colleges are much more expensive. I'm super confused. I'm regretting not having applied to Harris but the 80K investment was not something I was keen on signing up for. I assumed that as a recent graduate from abroad and little relevant work experience, I barely had funding chances. Any thoughts about UIC and its MPA would be highly appreciated! Without funding, its accelerated path in 25K. The department said I might get some funding.
  6. Hi, friends. Anyone still waiting for a response from UIC? Haven't gotten a rejection but I haven't gotten an acceptance or waitlist either. I can see some posters who got a response. So confused. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. Hi ScottWes. Thank you very much for sharing about your experience and insights. As someone looking forward to receiving an acceptance into MAPSS, I have much to think about!
  8. How specifically or generally should we talk about our research interests? I'm looking to apply to Sociology programs.
  9. Hi MME, thanks for starting this thread! Notre Dame, Michigan The Department of Sociology offers financial support in the form of fellowships, graduate assistantships, and tuition scholarships. Most incoming students receive either a fellowship or assistantship which provides full tuition plus a stipend for living expenses for five years, contingent upon making satisfactory progress in the program. 19) Does the program admit students without funding?All students who are admitted to our program will be given a full tuition scholarship and a stipend to work as a Graduate Assistant in the department
  10. Friends, I have a 3.5 undergrad CGPA (with a 3.6 for senior and junior year); went to a small school with a liberal arts program. I don't have research and work experience in my field of interest (sociology). What kinds of schools should I be applying to? Yale is #22 in Sociology. Is it worth a shot paying the application fee for it, or is it still a long shot?
  11. Same boat! Looking into sociology programs. FInding the process a bit daunting. Any tips gathered about the proposal writing process for external grants and what to do right on a personal statement would be highly appreciated.
  12. Hi, everyone! I want to apply for Sociology MA and PhD programs for Fall 2019. I came from a small university abroad, with 3.5/4 CGPA and decent GRE score. I've read that we should refer to sociological concepts in the personal statement. How specific should these be? I don't have a lot of relevant research experience and currently am working in an unrelated field (but can vouch for 'transferable skills'). Would schools be interested in offering funded PhD offers? Also, should I be applying for fellowships and grants also? When are deadlines usually? Before or after admissions? Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Hi, folks. How competitive are admissions to the MGA program at Keough? What kind of experience and GPAs are they looking for in candidates?
  14. Folks, I'm looking to apply for Fall 2019 at UChicago's CIR. Can students and alumni share the kinds of research interests they pursued at CIR? Is it beneficial to get in touch with professors before applying?
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