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  1. Does anyone know how to find out which schools use strict GRE cutoffs? I am currently a second year masters student, and I am in the process of applying to PhD programs. I've taken my GRE's twice, and I know my scores are not where they need to be in order to get into a program. I 'm have a 3.9 undergraduate GPA and a 4.0 graduate GPA. I have strong letters of recommendation, research/clinical experience, and I beleive a strong personal statement. I'm starting to wonder whether applying is even worth it, but I would feel better if I knew which schools used hard cutoff so I don't apply to them
  2. I’m applying to both PsyD and PhD programs. Ideally I would like to get into a PhD program, but I’m not sure if I will so I want to apply to some PsyD programs just in case. I’m just wondering If I was asked in an interview why I’m applying to both PsyD and PhD programs how I would address this question. I don’t want it to seem like I’m not focused and I don’t know what I want.
  3. Would anyone who got in/applied to grad school be willing to provide me with an example of a statement of purpose? Is there a difference between a personal statement anf statement og goals/purpose? Also, do you typically include all your research experience? Thanks!
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