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  1. Hey there thank you for the information!
  2. Applied to the masters program at UW, UC Berkeley and UT Austin. Haven't received any interviews/admission decisions yet.
  3. ms_owl

    MIT Media Lab: Fall 2019 Interviews

    Hi there, I applied to Poetic Justice as well. By open application, did you mean the Open Call Google form?
  4. ms_owl

    Anyone applying to Media Lab?

    Hi civitas, thanks for your response! My portfolio site hasn't received any visits from them either. I have applied to: Opera of the Future, Poetic Justice (it's a new group), and Responsive Environments. By PhD applicants, do you mean internal candidates or those who chose their final degree objective as PhD (I chose mine as Master of Science, I don't know if that matters a lot in the application process). Good luck!
  5. ms_owl

    Anyone applying to Media Lab?

    Has anyone heard back/scheduled an interview? (I have not ?)
  6. ms_owl

    Anyone applying to Media Lab?

    Here ?‍♀️

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