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  1. Ah ok thanks! Do you know which two he has interviews with?
  2. Can you clarify which UC schools your friend has interviews with? There are more than 3 UC schools that I can think of. And congrats on UMN! Did they interview you or just call?
  3. Ah ok thanks! Rutgers was the only one of my apps who required physical transcripts which was kind of annoying ?
  4. When did you get the email from Rutgers? Was it from someone in the department or just a general email?
  5. Yes it says March on the site, but past freak out forums have gotten a phone interview or call to notify them they are a finalist around Feb 15-20.
  6. Maybe it means they’re reviewing apps? I haven’t tried logging into any of my things out of fear of catching a glimpse of a spelling mistake somewhere and having a full breakdown haha As a heads up tho - UCLA usually gets back to finalists 2nd week of February for painting. Is that the area you applied to?
  7. Trying to make sense of analytics hits that are nowhere near the schools you applied to:
  8. Does anyone know much about how the government shutdown is affecting FAFSA?
  9. Congrats you two!!! Was OSU first choice for both of you?
  10. Oooo I’ve been secretly hoping this too! This forum didn’t start until October this year and previous years started as early as July.
  11. Also forgot about Google Analytics! I got a hit from Middletown, New Jersey the day after submitting my Rutgers app. Gonna chalk that up to coincidence tho and try not to get too excited this early in the game ??
  12. Finished my apps too! Relieved and mortified. Now I’m reading through the past 3 years of freak out forums to pass the time ?
  13. Ok here’s a question - this is the 2nd and 3rd time I’ve applied to a couple of these programs, but last time I applied was 2-3 years ago. Do you think that having applied to a program multiple times could work against me? Or perhaps they won’t even remember my application? I saw on previous freak out boards that some people applied to programs multiple times and got in and that gave me hope but I’m starting to get a little nervous about it ?
  14. Thanks for the tip! I mostly tried to keep it a good mix of vague enough that they can’t be like “wtf?” and specific enough so it doesn’t sound like BS lol. And thanks for the information you listed above!!! I didn’t know that much about UC Irvine - especially the living situation there. And I’m excited to hear about new studios at UCLA!
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