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  1. wow, thanks for the information. I just looked at the faculty interviewers, and their research direction is really beyond my understanding that's why that I feel nervous.
  2. @drfigue I applied through the Bioinformatics track I am wondering if that is the reason? any idea what track is your friend in ?
  3. @Renalee I give them 6, I doubt none of them had time. I also emailed back and forth with one of the professors. Just nervous since I have no knowledge on most of the faculties research
  4. Got open house invitation from Boston Univerisity
  5. Hey, Is there anyone is faculty interview doesn't include a single faculty of interest in their application? kinda nervous about the situation.
  6. @drfigue thanks for the information, let's hope for the best. This nail biting 2 weeks.
  7. Did anyone apply to Gatech -Emory BME? Saw someone already got accepted , kinda nervous. Did anyone didn't reach out to professors as I do? It seems they really want to you to talk to a professor beforehand.
  8. @huhrp I applied the CSHL quant bio track and already got the rejections, my friend got an invitation before the new year. so maybe you are on waitlist?
  9. @laveritecestla Thank you so much! I am just praying right now tbh!
  10. @laveritecestla Oh thank you very much. Anyway, I don't think I have a chance, but when did you receive the interview invitation?
  11. Does anyone know the status of MEMP program from MIT? I know they should send out invites before Jan 25th just wondering if anyone got any invites? I know this is a long shot and really losing hope.
  12. @jayaramanp " I do not believe we will be issuing any more interview invitations at this time. Sorry the news isn’t better. " from the bgs coordinator so I believe its safe to assume soft rejections
  13. @jayaramanp If you are asking if they have sent all invites, UPenn have done sending invites for all applicants. I have already asked.
  14. UMich PIBS program rejected...... kinda disappointed

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