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  1. Is their anyone still waiting for a result from gatech? I am probably just waiting for rejection but a week ago the admin says the committee is stilling making decisions.
  2. Did anyone receive an on-site interview with UW Seattle? I asked the admission office they said admission decisions are not being made until end of Jan- mid Feb? I don't know if I should lose hope or not
  3. My suggestion would be just don't aim so high, have some safety schools. Top programs are extremely hard. If you want to do pharma, the program is less important than the networking
  4. Is there anyone heard back from BU about the open house arrangement? Haven't heard anything since I respond, kinda worried
  5. wow, thanks for the information. I just looked at the faculty interviewers, and their research direction is really beyond my understanding that's why that I feel nervous.
  6. @drfigue I applied through the Bioinformatics track I am wondering if that is the reason? any idea what track is your friend in ?
  7. @Renalee I give them 6, I doubt none of them had time. I also emailed back and forth with one of the professors. Just nervous since I have no knowledge on most of the faculties research
  8. Hey, Is there anyone is faculty interview doesn't include a single faculty of interest in their application? kinda nervous about the situation.
  9. @drfigue thanks for the information, let's hope for the best. This nail biting 2 weeks.
  10. Did anyone apply to Gatech -Emory BME? Saw someone already got accepted , kinda nervous. Did anyone didn't reach out to professors as I do? It seems they really want to you to talk to a professor beforehand.
  11. @huhrp I applied the CSHL quant bio track and already got the rejections, my friend got an invitation before the new year. so maybe you are on waitlist?
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