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  1. I did read the tutorial. I thought it was referring to typing in the cells at the top of the page, which didn't work, and it wouldn't let me add a row. I see now that you have to scroll down to the empty cells at the bottom.
  2. Could you explain a little more how we add data? How do we access the drop down menu?
  3. Yeah I think it's probably not too late to email them a new version, or ask if you can. But I think just clicking through the slides quickly would be fine too if you'd rather do that. I think I'd probably just click through the slides myself, but I'm not really sure which would be better.
  4. I'll be going too so I'd love tips as well. I found an old thread where they discussed it, which you've probably already found, but I didn't see any tips there other than not to go over 8 minutes. I'm curious about talking about research interests vs. the specific research I'm presenting. It's hard enough to present research in 8 minutes, so I didn't include a slide on my research interests, and thought I'd just briefly mention them. Just hoping that's OK...
  5. I totally relate! My GPA is 6.63, and I had no clue that so many people applying would have publications until started reading this forum. I wouldn't worry about the name on the personal statement; I think it gets attached to your application such that they know whose it is. I only put my name in the file name of mine. My worries: I attend a school no one has heard of, and my science GPA is low. I also haven't had the opportunity to work in labs except during the summer. Just got rejected by my top choice... Excitement: I have three invitations for interviews. :)
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