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  1. I think this only happens at universities where there's competitive funding. They can't guarantee full funding for 5 years, and so the department has to appeal to the wider university (to whom the GRE Q is supposedly a quick and easy indicator of the student's viability). My advisor was adamant that I not study. I scored in the 30th percentile, but I also promised myself I wouldn't consider schools without incredibly good/ guaranteed funding packages. I don't know if that helps. I certainly don't have experience in an admission committee like bfat, so I would definitely trust their advice over mine!
  2. Duke: Feb 21-23 UC Boulder: Feb 28-March 1 University of Alabama: February 28-March 2 Washington University (WUSTL): February 28-March 2 U Wisconsin-Madison: March 3-5 Illinois (Urbana): March 4-5 Stanford: March 6-8 Northwestern: March 7-9 Saint Louis University: March 8 UC Santa Cruz: March 14-17 Kansas: March 17-19 Vanderbilt: March 21-22 Rice University: March 21-23 UT Austin: March 28-30
  3. I also applied comp. lit and english! My impression is that they're very interrelated.
  4. The person on the phone didn't really say anything about admission beyond telling me the (possible) decision date. That sounds like really good news though! Congrats!
  5. Also they told me we'd be hearing back early next week, if anyone's curious!
  6. Good! (I had to reschedule it for today.) It was very relaxed, more of a conversation than an interview. The person calling me asked a couple questions about my research but mostly talked about the program (and was very nice). Good luck to you with yours!
  7. Okay phew thank you! The email was no bother. It was completely lovely and kind. It just seriously made me consider whether I was being punk'd or not lmao
  8. Hey y'all. Long time lurker here (you seem like a lovely bunch! It's embarrassing how invested I've become in your individual application processes lmao) Just had a question. I just got a strange email from Columbia asking if I'd be willing to talk on the phone tomorrow morning. I'm not sure if this is an interview request? The language in the email led me to believe they're interested in me, but interviews aren't usually requested at 9 on a Saturday night to happen the following morning. I realized recently that the POI I had listed in my SoP had retired the previous year (I am a Big Idiot), so I'm hoping they just want clarification about that? If anybody has any advice or any info about Columbia's typical interview process, I'd really appreciate it! (I'm a medievalist by the way. I hear it's typical that they interview that sub-specialty).
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