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  1. I got this offer too. I first read 30k and was like "oh wow that sounds good!" and then I kept reading and I was like "oh wow....that's....not even half what I will need....." No thanks, man. I can get deep dish pizza anywhere anyway.
  2. Sorry! I didn't see this til today. I'm in at UVA as a 19th century Americanist, and will almost certainly be accepting their offer.
  3. As someone currently waitlisted at Brown (but with absolutely no insight whatsoever) I gotta say.....Go Blue!! ?
  4. not an acceptance buuuuuuuut...just got the email; waitlisted at Brown.
  5. I haven't gotten answers from a bunch of schools who have definitely already decided, but I haven't heard nothing from anyone. =/ Fingers crossed for you!
  6. Your interests are so close to mine that I'd be very surprised if they admitted us both. *tip of the cap while ugly crying*
  7. CONGRATS! I guess today really is the final reckoning for the rest of us.
  8. I guess we could theoretically still hear tomorrow? Dreams slowly circling the drain lol.
  9. Anyone else super unnerved by the silence from Upenn? Is someone brave enough to call?
  10. I'll be there for sure. Still looking for a flight and lodgings for my partner and I, but I've secured the time off work. Never been to Charlottesville. It looks pretty gorgeous though. I'm excited to check it out.
  11. Upenn, Brown, and Yale are my last 3, but I really only feel anxious about Penn because the fit feels pretty good for me. Also, as a fellow UVA admit, are you planning to go to the visiting days (which are, strangely, a Monday-Tuesday)?
  12. not the most personalized, but not completely form either. Mine was like a form email with a couple little deliberate substitution / edits for my stats and interests and stuff.
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