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  1. I heard back from them last Thursday or Friday. I believe interviews are being held this week over phone.
  2. I reached out to the program I interviewed with a little over a month after the interview. They told me they would come to a decision on who to admit by late last week (by 3/8 effectively). Around last Thursday, another student posted that the dept head had said acceptances would come out early this week. I’ve seen a few people post their acceptances to the results page in the last 2 days. I’m basically assuming I’ve been rejected at this point because I never got an email from the program, but it would be nice to know for sure, both for closure and so I can start devoting energy to my b
  3. Do you think Vanderbilt will send rejection emails as well, or at all? I’m assuming I’ve been rejected as I didn’t get an acceptance email, but I’d like the closure of being told so explicitly. Thanks for sharing so much info re: this school + program throughout this process btw
  4. I caved and sent an email last night. Heard back today - apparently they weren’t able to come to a consensus on who to accept and need another week or so to make the final decisions. I don’t know if this made my anxiety better or worse lol
  5. Thanks so much for the update! I had to physically stop myself from refreshing my inbox every hour over the weekend so it helps a lot to have a general timeframe for when to expect decisions lol.
  6. Did you (or anyone else) hear back from NGP yet? I’m trying to decide how long to wait before emailing the program head directly
  7. If it’s been a month since the interview, would it be acceptable to email the grad department and ask about the decisions timeline? Current grad students told us interviewees to expect about a month’s wait between the interview and decisions being released but the anxiety is killing me lol
  8. Vanderbilt reached out to me today to see if I'd received their invite - which had been sent on Dec 31. Turns out gmail had eaten the mail without sending it to my spam or inbox first! I highly recommend double checking spam/junk/trash folders and/or reaching out to the university directly to make sure you haven't missed any communications.
  9. Does anyone have advice (or an email template tbh) for contacting programs to see if all interview invites are out? Would reaching out hurt your chances as an applicant? I don’t think I can handle waiting 3 months for rejections again lol
  10. Finally made an account instead of lurking on the results page because the anxiety is killing me haha Does anyone know if Vanderbilt, (NGP) Northwestern (NUIN), or UC-Davis are still sending out interview invites? This is my second time applying - I was rejected by all the schools I applied to last year so I'm not too familiar with the interview/acceptance timeline...
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