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  1. I would be grateful if anyone could share what the main points are to include in a letter of recommendation for Clinical Psychology PhD programs?
  2. Hi Rebecca, I am a UK citizen and completed a two year research masters in the UK, this program I believe is one of the best if not the top masters programs currently available in the UK. Feel free to private message me if you would like to know more about this program I would be happy to help.
  3. Thanks I didn't think it would be an issue as it is normal I guess to work on a project with two people, if anything it is an endorsement for what the main person is writing about you.
  4. I would like to know if there are any international students currently on Psychology PhD programs or anyone who is international who is applying this year for Fall 2020 programs? I would love to hear about your experiences in the application process - please DM me
  5. I am working as a research assistant and my PI is a Senior Lecturer and Consultant Psychiatrist but the chief investigator of the study is a professor and more well known in the field. However, I have much more contact with my PI than the CI. The CI is also very busy and I'm not sure if he would have time to submit my recommendation letters. I was going to ask if the CI could co sign the recommendation letter but I wasn't sure if this is allowed?
  6. Yes I have seen this, however a lot of people posted about rejections and I haven't received one. It says on my status that my application is still awaiting a decision
  7. Has anyone still not heard back from Nebraska-Lincoln?
  8. I also completed an MRes in the UK! Yes but most places do provide funding even if you are an international applicant because they recognize the diversity and value of having a different perspective in research! I applied to the US because they combine research and clinical which I think is really important - in the UK it is separate if you choose clinical you must complete the 3 year doctorate and if you want to do research you do a 3 year PhD. On paper it sounds great but in reality it is highly competitive and once you gain a place you are over worked, under paid and constantly stressed. To get a place on the clinical doctorate can take years as most applicants now have a PhD on top of a masters and you also must gain experience working as an Assistant Psychologist which is even less pay and even more competitive as up to 1,000 applicants can apply for 1 position and most already have AP experience! Therefore I am taking my chances in America ?
  9. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has applied to or is currently completing a Clinical Psychology PhD in America?I have applied to programs for Fall 2019 intake and I am waiting to hear back about interviews. If you have applied or are a current PhD student it would be helpful if you could share your experiences of the interview process and your experience transitioning to America as a UK citizen!Thanks
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