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  1. If whoever posted the phone interview with POI for Columbia University on the results page sees this, mind PM'ing me your POI? Thanks
  2. I’m in an identical situation to a T. My mentor told me to just lick my wounds and focus on how I can improve my application for the next year. I do still have one school to hear from that sends invites out in February but I’m already planning for what I can do in the coming year.
  3. Can the Rutgers people who I have not yet talked to message me their POI initials? Thank you!
  4. If the person who posted the Clark results on the page feels comfortable disclosing their POI please DM me the initials Thank you
  5. On their website it says invites don't start going out until February, their interview dates are in March, but maybe some informals before that.
  6. On the google doc the informal interviews for Rutgers PhD went from 1 to 2. If either of y'all see this do you mind messaging me your POI initials? Thank you
  7. Hi could the person who posted in the results page about Rutgers message me their POI? Thank you!
  8. Rutgers PhD poster do you mind PM'ing me your POI as well? Thanks so much
  9. Whoever input the Rutgers contact from their POI on the results page if you see this and can message me the initials of your POI it would be very very very much appreciated!! :) Good luck y'all
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