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  1. Officially rejected from UTSC this morning. Received email with attached letter
  2. Yeah I saw that. Just curious if anyone has accepted as that could help me infer how many spots may remain undecided
  3. I’m in the same boat! I think a few have received unofficial offers
  4. In terms of schools like Columbia in comparison to McGill or UofT, I imagine they’d be viewed similarly. It’s possible people/Canadians may view the Ivy League US schools slightly more favourably, but I’m not sure. I suppose it’s program-specific, but I think a relevant degree from any of those high-caliber institutions would make you quite competitive when compared to applicants with a degree from elsewhere. anyways, may be worth talking to an admissions person or university-centre career counsellor to gauge this
  5. Maybe they are awaiting further interviews before sending out official letters/updating SGS? Just conjecturing
  6. No problem. Good luck! I'm not exactly sure why they don't offer them a bit sooner, considering the deadline to accept program offers is shortly thereafter
  7. Certainly worth double-checking (I haven't checked since December) but I'm fairly sure the status of your application is updated April 1st
  8. Hi there, I'm in a similar situation - recent undergrad looking to bolster clinical program application. I think you're thinking along the right lines - accruing research experiences and getting some clinically-relevant experience. The more volunteer RA work you have the more competitive you'll be for paid RA positions.
  9. Unless my memory is off, decisions for CGS-M are sent out April 1st. And considering the deadline, as mentioned above, was December 1st, I don’t think accepting applicants are automatically considered for a CGS award. Even if the department used your application materials, federal funding applications typically require references to upload their documents via their institution email (which a university administrator obviously cannot do)
  10. I've lived in/near Toronto my entire life; Toronto certainly has more job opportunities than Montreal for English speakers. That said, I've found the opportunities in Toronto, though comparatively abundant to other Canadian cities, to be fairly competitive. Montreal is certainly much cheaper to live in and arguably a nicer city, but it does seem harder to find an English speaking job; if you're bilingual then this may not be an issue.
  11. Would also appreciate knowing this UTSC was my top choice this year
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