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  1. Congrats!! Did you get the request via email?
  2. To second what some have already said, don't worry too much about a slightly low GPA. If you have strengths in other areas you should be okay. You want your application to be as strong as possible but this GPA will not rule you out from consideration. I know a few people who have gotten into top programs with either low GRE's or a low GPA, and it just goes to show that if the other parts of your application are strong then you definitely still have a shot! I also think it matters what courses are bringing your GPA down. Are they phil courses or other courses that don't relate to your AOI? If they are Phil courses, or courses related to your AOI, that might be a problem. For instance, if you are specifically interested in philosophy of math and you took a bunch of math courses, and did poorly in them and that is what is bringing your GPA down, then that could be an issue.
  3. Curious as to who got the WUSTL acceptance.
  4. Can anyone claim the USC PhD (University of South Carolina) or the SFSU MA acceptances on the results search?
  5. Can anyone claim the Stony Brook acceptances?
  6. Email again. Get in touch with the department administrator (as others have suggested). Do you have another way of contacting your letter writer? Call them, message them; whatever you need to do. People forget, and it helps to be reminded!
  7. I am new to this process, but, it seems that individuals who end up receiving fewer acceptances might want to avoid the acceptance thread altogether. If the acceptances are mixed in with the rejections then no one has the option to steer clear of them if they wish. @Theodore8 Please chime in if your reasoning is different than mine!
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