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  1. I just released an offer from the University of Denver. Hope this helps...
  2. Any developmental psych winners? I would love to connect.
  3. You guys.... I won!! No joke! this is so wild!
  4. Is anyone waiting on making a PhD school decision until they hear from NSF?? One school is really putting the pressure on me to tell them my choice but, the tow choices I have are so highly ranked for me it really is coming down to the funding. I feel like I should wait.... anyone with a similar problem?
  5. Are all award winners announced on the same day or does it vary by field?
  6. 1. You will be judge based on the consideration that you are an undergrad and the standards for your research plan are different. With that being said, you will be going up against other undergrads who have spent months on their applications 2. The panel members read through the applications really quickly, they may miss the typos if they are minor. However, if they are caught it would look bad when compared to someone with the same quality of work with no typos.
  7. I hear this is pretty common when there are more PI's interested in taking students than what the funding actually allows.
  8. It sounds like you are on the waitlist and he is waiting for another faculty's student to decline so that a spot can open up for him to take you.... check the developmental psych thread. A student posted there that they were accepted.
  9. No word from Denver speaking for myself and another student in the Developmental Psych thread.
  10. Any word from University of Denver??! Checking in post-interview.... hopefully they will send out rejections/acceptances by end of week.
  11. I just had my last interview on March 1st, but was offered admission to another school about a month ago. With that being said, the March 1st interview said it would be two weeks 'till they send out admissions so, I am waiting on that before I make any decisions. Im sure others are in the same boat. I think it's too soon to email the POI.
  12. Hard choice!! Ask the department to connect you with recent alumni from the HDFS program. Talk to those students and see what they say about getting a job and where they landed jobs. Also, which POI has better research rigor? Usually the h-index is a good indicator of productivity and research relevance. P.S. as for social life.... pretty much your lab members will become your social life, so, which students do you click with more?--you may not have time for much else.
  13. Just realized that the University of Denver does not offer their graduate students health insurance after their 4th year.... is this common? It seems like a horrible policy especially during one's dissertation writing years.
  14. Also to add to the post above.... congrats to that person, what an achievement!!
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