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  1. I received the offer letter from JHU biostat PhD this afternoon.
  2. I had a phone interview last week, but still no answer. This waiting game is really exhausting.
  3. Is there anyone who got no result from UChicago PhD program yet? I feel pretty bumped cause there have been pretty much acceptances and rejections on the results page, but no a single email to me until now.
  4. Thanks for the info. I also got accepted to fully funded UMich fast track MS-PhD in Biostat. I'll choose UMich over Harvard MS if the latter is unfunded.
  5. @Geococcyx @Stat PhD Now Postdoc Thanks for your realistic input. I should forget about the waitlist for a while. Is anyone familiar with Harvard Biostatistics Master of Science Program with thesis? I wonder if there is any internal process from masters to doctoral degree in Harvard something like petition process in Berkeley or fast track in Michigan. Since I also received fully funded Biostat PhD offer from other reputable school which is not top3, I really want to gauge my options.
  6. To guys who waitlisted from NCSU, any news? I can see lots of strong candidates in this forum who were accepted to NCSU and other top programs. If they get to choose other programs over NCSU, there might be a silver lining.
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