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  1. Anyone waiting on Harvard AMST--if you haven't heard either way, I believe you can take it as an implied rejection. Called the dept and was told all acceptances/wait lists have been sent out. Congrats to those admitted, and, to the rest, I hope you are as relieved as I am to not be in the dark anymore!
  2. So now there's a Harvard Amst waitlist up on the board...would anyone like to claim / give details?? Please??? 😅
  3. *Finally* heard from Columbia. WEird for a rejection to be SUCH a relief.
  4. Hi, longtime lurker here...I, too, am in the radio silence boat. I emailed the GSC to ask if there is a wait list/how one might be notified, and I received this response: "Thank you for writing. Yes, there is a waitlist for the Ph.D program. Such applicants are notified via email." Nice, and to the point, but doesn't clarify the silence situation...I suppose I should have been more direct. Taking this as an implied rejection in the meantime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. My *hope* is that the staff member I spoke to simply doesn't have all the information, and they've started...but perhaps not finished? P.S. Sorry to add confusion to this already very tense time--I just thought it was worth sharing!
  6. Hi! Lurker here dropping in to second this question... I just called the American Studies dept at Harvard to ask if all acceptances have been sent out, and I was told they haven’t been sent out at all. So, very curious to hear from whoever received a voicemail!
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