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  1. You’ll be fine. I have wanted to get my MFA in art since I was in elementary school. A series of life altering events took place during my time in college and was able to graduate, but with a 2.3 GPA. That won’t get me in to ANY school. I have spent eight years working as a waitress and taking classes out of pocket to gain post graduate credits and I earned hopefully enough to be considered in the review of my transcripts. You’re in a much better situation. All I have going for me is that I am a consistently productive artist. I need a second chance and I don’t know who to ask for that, ya know?
  2. How do I ask a professor I haven’t talked to in a decade and didn’t know particularly well to write a letter of recommendation for me for graduate school? I took an extended break after I got my art degree due to personal issues.
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