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  1. Omg thank you I feel a lot better now I was so nervous that they sent them out already. It’s probably going to be like tomorrow latest friday
  2. OMG congrats!!!! I wonder if they started sending out Psy.D. interviews yet
  3. I highly doubt it. It's not like you're applying to a job; I don't see why they would do that.
  4. Hi Guys! Has anyone received an interview from Nova Southeastern University Psy.D. Clinical Psych program from the January deadline? (I see some of you have for the Ph.D. program so wondering if anyone for the Psy.D. program)
  5. So you’re saying if I email the program coordinator inquiring about when interviews will be sent out , that it will somewhat strengthen my chances?
  6. So just curious, for those of you that have been waiting for an email regarding an interview have you guys thought of emailing admissions to once again show your interest, or “sweet talk” them to try to better your chances of receiving an interview? Let me know! I’m somewhat new to this so I’m very curious what you guys think. And Im somewhat freaking out so that’s what i’m thinking of doing.
  7. Hi Guys! Has anyone heard from Nova Southeastern University yet? I applied to the Psy.D. Clinical psych program and I'm eagerly hoping to receive an email regarding an interview. Any updates?
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