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  1. Yeah. This is absolutely true. Honestly, I think my grades and experience are good enough but aren’t as strong as many people I know. But I’m good with words and good at interviewing. So I think my essays and my interviews are what got me in. Grad school apps are a total crapshoot. It’s a hit or miss. There’s so many factors that are so hard to control. My advice would be to brush up on interviewing skills. Clearly something stands out with 6 interview offers. Somethings getting lost once you get there. It takes a lot of practice and interviews are stressful af so it’s understandable. But you’ll get there.
  2. I never do. They aren’t comfortable and the sleeves are always too long for me so I avoid them. Honestly I firmly believe that you should dress in a way that’s comfortable for you and in something that makes you feel confident. As long as youre not wearing jeans or anything that’s obviously not appropriate for a professional interview and it looks like you put some effort into how you’re presenting yourself I think your fine.
  3. Does anyone know if it’s typical to be rejected when you reapply? I was waitlisted at a school last year after interviewing and didn’t get off the waitlist. So I got more clinical experience and reapplied this year. I had my fingers crossed but I wasn’t even offered an interview this time around. I’m pretty bummed about it.
  4. I had that issue too. I think it’s pretty common. If they have more than one interview date I’m sure they’ll be accommodating and move you. Just be upfront and honest about your situation. But if they only have one date for interviews and they aren’t flexible you might have to pick the program you like better.
  5. So I saw on the results page that someone has an interview next week for Yeshiva’s Child/School PsyD. Did anyone else hear back from them? It looks like they’ve been sending out interview invites since close to two months before the deadline. That’s so weird.
  6. I had to do the same thing! They were super accommodating though and I’m really excited about it
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