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  1. No, I haven't heard of anyone else. Mine was last minute, I think someone else was awarded the scholarship and declined the offer. Also, it was specific to my major.
  2. MID with a focus in Urban and Regional Affairs. I got news today of a full funding offer + stipend.
  3. I also accepted their offer. See you in the Fall. What's your major?
  4. No, still have not made a decision. Have you?
  5. So you are in-state then? I did read somewhere on here that they sometimes have a second round of scholarship offers, but there are no guarantees. I will possibly be deferring for a year, but it is not very likely. I am just unsure if GSPIA is worth an additional 60k in loans. Are you attending the VIP luncheon?
  6. Yes, I received a scholarship offer from GSPIA on March 6th. Also, according to an enrollment counselor, all recipients of awards have been notified.
  7. Yes, I did get in. I got a scholarship of $15,000 a year. I am unsure if I will attend as that is less than half the cost of tuition as I am an out of state applicant. Did you get any scholarship info?
  8. I couldn't find a thread about GSPIA Fall 2019, so I figured I would start one.
  9. I do genuinely hope you decided to attend Pitt. If you moved to Pittsburgh to attend Pitt then I think you should go for it. I am moving to Pittsburgh in a few weeks for the same reason. I was contemplating applying to MSW in addition to the MID program, but the financial aid package they gave you scared me, not to mention I would be out of state. I already applied to GSPIA's MID program so fingers crossed.
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