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  1. Acceptable? Expected? What should the email look like? Should I ask the person out to coffee or ask to meet in his office? Professional emails fill me with anxiety and dread.
  2. @amphilanthus Yes I am happy we are here to reality check each other! what a wild ride this is. I'm really happy with the program I've been accepted to, but I would love to have had a choice/some funding leverage...
  3. @Rootbound @amphilanthus When I talked to the receptionist at the general grad admissions office and explained the situation, he guessed that they were still “processing my application” i know we have intel saying otherwise, and that he doesn’t know the specifics of the department, but I feel like it’s the only concrete lead we have to go on. they could have decided on the waitlist and not ordered it, you know? I do think it’s suspicious that we haven’t seen any waitlists on the board bc every year many get posted! editing to say that you should take all this with a grain of salt bc I am an optimist to a fault and I always get burned
  4. I’m hanging on to a sad little hope that we are late waitlist admits or that they are trying to secure funding for us! But I also know that this is very very unlikely lol. I wish they would just end my suffering already!
  5. @amphilanthus i know this is absurd. I have cleared my cookies, checked spam, called the graduate department and got redirected to a voicemail, left a message, and heard nothing back...
  6. Just once again here to say that I still have radio silence from UVA a full 4 days after rejections went up and I’m starting to feel neglected and sad
  7. @WildeingOut im in my early twenties and have only worked retail and cafe jobs. I got in to a top program and never TA’d. So I don’t think it’s necessary!
  8. Tbh I’m annoyed now. Also realized I didn’t ask to not be admitted to the MA so that could be the situation? But if I’ve learned anything over the past month it’s that I actually have no idea what’s going on and should stop guessing.
  9. Still silence from UVA. Did they lose my application or something?
  10. I’m at work but will someone pls call UVA and ask what’s going on? I will be forever grateful
  11. So I have heard literally nothing from UVA. No rejection email, no change to portal. I asked not to be referred to the MA. Anyone have ANY idea what’s going on rn?
  12. @sugalite @warelin thank you for this last gasp of hope to save my Sunday evening
  13. Is it safe to assume that not hearing from Berkeley means it’s a no? I wish they would send the rejections along with the acceptances and end my suffering.
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