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  1. School: La Salle program: psyd type of invite: interview sent by email
  2. The email I received after submitting my applications said: “Once we receive all required documentation, and your file is complete, our Admissions Committee will review your credentials. We will have two interview days; February 8, 2019 and February 11, 2019. Invitations to interview will be sent out by email toward the end of January” I still haven’t heard anything since then. It seemed like a mass email, maybe it went to your spam mailbox? I’m hoping to hear soon to make plans if they are keeping those dates.
  3. Have you heard from La Salle? Email says they are sending invites “toward the end of January”
  4. Has anyone heard from La Salle? They previously said interview invites would be sent “toward the end of january” which is now...
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