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  1. Any Case Western updates yet for anyone?
  2. 31 now and applied for my first MFA program and exploring this whole potential avenue (which I’m anxiously waiting here from!) completed my undergrad 9 years ago and spent time working and exploring my two fields of performing arts and psychology. (Had a broken engagement in there that shook up a few of those years too 😒) I have gone around in my head about my age too and this being the best direction but I keep coming back to the conclusion that you are never the wrong age, or to old, to give yourself a chance to gain more out of life and what you love and this post proves it!! Glad to feel
  3. Hello! Waiting on CWRU/CPH this year! Any update on how this went for you? Thanks for any and all info!
  4. That makes sense. Thank you for the response.
  5. In my 30s here too! Very encouraging to hear from others doing the same! Thank you! Worries: Rejection, making no real progress in life, except possibly starting the whole process over again. Excitement: The possibility of getting in and moving ahead in career/life, discovering the fully funded programs that are available, which is what encourages me to try in the first place, and learning that trying all of this in your 30s is actually a good thing by most accounts!! Positive vibes and thoughts to everyone!
  6. Thanks for sharing! Monologues and a song are what they asked for at my CWRU/CPH audition as well, so yeah sounds like much the same deal. I have never done UTRAS so I wasn’t sure how they worked. Did you see the director in person at your audition or was the video for him? Just curious as this is my first time auditioning for any MFA programs so the process is all new to me! Thank you again and crossing fingers for us both!! 🤞🤞🤞
  7. Hi LilBer! That’s great! I auditioned privately with CWRU/ CPH and they said they do not typically require a callback. Is that different when auditioning through the UTRAs though? What was their response to you if I may ask? Best of luck with all the schools you applied to!!
  8. Hi! Still waiting hear from Case/CPH as well! Is this your first time auditioning for MFA programs? Where did you audition? How did it go? Looking for any and all insight! Best of luck with all the schools you applied to!! ??
  9. Hi! Thank you. What exactly do you mean by they opened apps? Application time? I read through this thread as well, thank you for all you have shared. Do you recall when and how you heard a decision from CWRU post audition? I know it’s early yet but i’m anxious haha! From the sounds of it my having a few years experience post undergrad (I jus hit my 30s) might be to my advantage with that program, I hope! ? Also wishing you and everyone the best of luck with the schools you are now pursuing! ??? Thanks again! Sarah
  10. Hello! I auditioned for Case Western MFA Acting Program this year and just wondered if you (or anyone) has any updates or further insights now about the process or program? Thanks so much!
  11. It likely it. Thank you very much! Same to you! ☺️
  12. Hi! I auditioned/Interviewed for the MFA acting program with case western and Cleveland playhouse. I live only about an hour and a half away so I drove in for it. It seemed to go well, just playing the waiting game now, my understanding is anyone offered a spot in the program then must apply through the university. So far all my materials have been sent or handed in to the program director directly. sorry I do not have any more helpful information but I am definitely interested in sharing in any that comes along! Did you already audition and/or apply?
  13. Hi HopingForMFA. Are you referring to The Cleveland MFA Program here? I auditioned this year and would love to hear about your experience. It’s also the only school I auditioned for and first attempt at trying for my masters. I took a break after undergrad to work and gain experience, hoping that’s in my favor now. Thank you for any and all information!!
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