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  1. Lots more programs with full/significant funding. Definitely do a broader search if funding is a priority. Most people in my program are around 30, and I would expect that to be similar elsewhere. We do have a few people ranging from 40-50 as well. I remember seeing somewhere on Yale’s site that if you are not accepted after three tries, that you should not apply again. I would look at current students in the program and see how you compare. Also look at what previous grads are doing now and if that exemplifies your goals/appears worth the time and financial commitment. The general consensus is to wait at least a year after undergrad before trying to start an MFA. I would think this is especially accurate with big name schools. If I remember correctly, Yale even explicitly states that they prefer applicants not straight out of undergrad. This would be worth looking into before applying. Personally, I waited a year before applying. I would have waited longer too, but a previous professor of mine suggested I apply. I am glad I took the time off. I couldn’t imagine going right into an MFA program out of undergrad. Working on your own is a great experience.
  2. This is the visual arts forum. We would not know about writing programs. You should look for the writing forum.
  3. Most places expect you to stay the full two years. If you leave midway, you are effectively wasting a spot that someone else could have taken. Also, I would imagine most places would not even consider you next year if you are already in a program.
  4. That’s a lot of money and totally a personal call. If you do wait for next year, definitely consider applying to fully/well-funded programs. But also weigh whether you want to go through another application process/if you really want to get started. Personally, I had no interest in going into debt for an MFA, so I only applied to a well funded program. I think it is somewhat crazy to go into a ton of debt for an MFA—it’s not like we are going to be raking in the dough afterwards.
  5. On Herron’s FAQ, they only allow you to start in the fall, similar to most programs that I have seen. https://herron.iupui.edu/admissions/graduate/faqs.html
  6. Hang in there! This process sucks! I was SO relieved when I got my acceptance! The weight instantly gets lifted... edit: It helped me a lot to keep making work.
  7. ?? It is an associates degree. It shouldn’t even be an option if you are applying for MFA programs. While I don’t know that program specifically, it is probably all intro courses to Adobe programs, drawing, color theory, and other fundamentals. It being an AAS instead of AFA means it is likely more technical than fine art driven. Edit: Also, that program is now called Communication Design (still an AAS).
  8. Personally, I would go with the free school unless their program seems super bad, which I would doubt since why would you apply there in the first place? Then again, if the debt-burden school is in an area you plan to stay and build a career in, then you do have a tough decision ahead of you. Of course, this depends on the amount of debt... $20k or so is manageable to me if the program is that much better. Any higher and I would have to consider whether it is really worth it. Just my two cents. Good luck.
  9. I guess it depends on what you are expected to do as a TA. I know several programs offer around $20k/year to TA as an MFA student (plus tuition assistance/free tuition), and I would say that MECA’s $3k is certainly in the minority.
  10. If it has been more than, say, a week, I would email them.
  11. People on here have heard from all of those schools if I am not mistaken—definitely at least RISD and MICA if you look through old pages of this thread.
  12. You will make more money at least.
  13. UCLA should be April 15th *if* the offer includes financial support, according to the Council of Graduate Schools. Otherwise, I have no idea.
  14. It is not always about skill, experience, portfolio, statement, how well you interviewed, or any combination of the above. Sometimes they just need someone different to balance out the cohort. Congrats on SMFA!
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